Gankutsuou, the Count of Monte Cristo Recommendation

Gankutsuou is an anime adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ French novel Count of Monte Cristo (Le Compte de Monte-Cristo), except in space, and the Count is blue. It was made by studio Gonzo and was released in 2004.



The Count is a mysterious character. Apart from being blue, he seems to have vampire like traits and possess immortality. Apart from the setting, probably the largest difference is that the Count has met and made a deal with the entity called Gankutsuou AKA the Cave King. If you had to describe the Count in one word, it is charming. Literally everyone, both men and women are drawn to his mysterious charisma.


And there is the main character. Albert de Morcerf is the protagonist of the series. He is a spoiled rich kid that witnesses the events that Count performs. He is the son of one of Count’s targets and his life was intentionally weaved by the Count to be an act of vengeance. Personality wise, he is a hot headed kid who thinks he is the Count’s BFF.


One day, rich boy Albert comes across the Count of Monte Cristo. Instantly, he is charmed by the Count. Back in space Paris, the Count and Albert meet again. And the two become BFFs, or so Albert thinks.


The Count has his own agenda and is going to carry it out in most deliciously evil method. What the Count desires is mysterious, and is rooted in sinister past that involves everyone in the story.


Albert truly believes that Count is a genuine honest man, not realizing that he is a pawn in the grand scheme devised by the count. Count alone, knows what is truly going on, and no one is safe.

-Why Recommend?-


This is an unique anime. From its visual style to its story. There are very few anime that can compare to this because it is so different. So if you are tired of the regular visuals, and cute girls in high school shtick, here is an anime for you! This is a serious, very dark story about betrayal and revenge.

Hope you check it out!



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