Gi Reviews Movie: Money Monster

Recently, just saw Money Monster. Not gonna lie, I would have never see this movie, but Karaline brought me here for my late burthday party, and god, this was worth it. This movie was brought to us by TriStar Pictures and stars George Clloney and Julia Roberts.



Lee Gates is the host for the show Money Monster. He is kind of a dick, but a dick you kind of like. I know that sentence is not the best… He is obviously played by George Clooney. He is a very very Clooney character.


Patty Fenn is the director of Money Monster. She guides Lee through the events of the movie, and the voice of reason for both Lee and Kyle. She is obviously played by Julia Roberts.


Kyle Budwell is the distraught man who trespasses into the shooting studio and holds Lee hostage. He is kind of the antagonist, but he is just a poor guy that wants things to be fair… kind of.


Lee Gate is the host for Money Monster and weeks bad, he made a bad call. Because of his call lots of people lost money and people blame him and company IBIS. So Kyle Budwell sneaks into studio and takes Lee hostage in order to reach CEO of IBIS. And as the movie progresses, not everything seem the way it is suppose to be.

-the Good-

This movie was freaking hilarious! I laughed loudly multiple times through the movie. Some of the movies were perfectly time and very mean, but all were great.

At multiple times I thought “oh this is the solution” only for the movie to say “I tricked ya!” and I enjoyed that.

-the Bad-

The business man dude was very stereotypical business man dude. He was a weak villain, but that is pretty usual these days.

The ending was a little grimmer than I hoped but I don’t think there was a way to make that funny without coming off as distasteful.


  • Will I watch it again? Yes, definitely, I plan on taking my brother to it when he visits.
  • Do I recommend it? 100%. This was fun and good break from the usual.
  • Overall thoughts? Really fun movie!

I want to thank Karaline for bring me to see this!



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