Danganronpa: the Animation Recommendation

Danganronpa: the Animation is an anime adaptation of Playstation Portable visual novel game of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc created by Spike Chunsoft. The anime was made by Lerche in 2013. I I recall correctly, the anime has about 13 episodes.



Danganronpa has a lot characters, and like many battle-royale series, the cast get smaller and smaller as the story progresses. Talking about the character would require a spoiler alert, and this is a recommendation, so I am only going to talk about the protagonist and the antagonist. In total, there are 16 students caught up in this hellish school.


Naegi Makoto is a pretty average student who finds himself in this weird school called Hope’s Peak Academy. He starts off very naive questioning the fact that murdering another person is even possible, but he has to go through surviving this game in order to survive.


Monokuma is the mastermind behind this sadistic torture house that is Hope’s Peak Academy. He is robot that is controlled by a person, and that person is probably the biggest objective in the game. Who is Monokuma?


The world of Danganronpa is covered in mystery. The viewers are led to believe these children are living in a normal world, but that is very far from the truth. I will not spoil anything here.




There are 16 students who were enrolled into Hope’s Peak Academy. Congratulations, you are special! All the students in the school are called Ultimates, they are best in the world in their respective field. For example, there is Ultimate Baseball Player, Ultimate Gangster, Ultimate Gambler, etc.


But quickly Monokuma shows up and tells them why they are in this locked up building with no way out. In order to leave, a murder has to be committed. And after each murder, a class trial will commence.


Class trial is where things get really dramatic. Here are the rules: the murderer is labelled Blackened, and if Blackened is exposed, s/he alone will be executed. But, if the wrong person is chosen as the murderer, everyone except the Blackened will be executed, and Blackened alone will allow to leave the school untouched.

-Why Recommend?-

If you are looking for closed room murder mystery with dose of anime weirdness, this is it. The character designs are crazy and some of the murders are very creative. BUT if you are planning to play the game, I highly recommend skipping this one as it will ruin the game for you.

Have an awesome day!


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