World of Disgaea: Item World


Item world is pretty hard to explain…. It is a world inside an item with its own people and court. Every item in the game has a randomly generated dungeon that has many MANY floors. In the older games, common items had 30 floors, rare items had 60 floors and legendary items had 100 floors. But now all the items have unlimited floors.

In the Item World, the residents are referred as Innocents. Innocents add boost to the item. Statistician, one of the most important innocents, increase the EXP received. Gladiators increase the ATK stat of the item. Firefighters raise the item’s fire resistance and so on. Some innocents are rarer than others, and this changes every game. Collecting Innocents in Disgaea 3 was a nightmare…. Good thing Innocents can be transferred to other items!


On every 10 floors of the Item World there is a guardian known as Item General. S/he is stronger than other enemies in the area. On every 30th floor, there is the Item King, more powerful than the Item General. And on every 100th floor, there is the Item God, or Item God 2….

Item World is the place to go if you want to experience Disgaea. This is how to speed up leveling, get powerful gear, strengthen your gear and get Rank 40 AKA ultimate weapons.


Starting from Disgaea 2, randomly the floor you are on will get attacked by pirates. In Disgaea 3 and 4, you can get your own pirate ship and become a pirate yourself.


Hope you liked this short one!



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