Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

This is a big one. I have been looking forward to this for while, and it did not disappoint. Captain America: Civil War is the third installment in the Captain America series and one of the Phase 3 Avengers movies. It was released just recently and was made by Marvel and Disney.




Captain America aka Steve Rogers is a super soldier. He stands for all things freedom. Iron Man aka Tony Stark is a driven by guilt his powers have done. And the two are now locking horns. The movie really revolves around these two.


Winter Soldier aka Bucky is in the center of this mess. He was framed for killing the king of Wakanda. And now newcomer Black Panther wants his head.


There are several stories happening. The biggest one is that the UN wants the Avengers to give up their unlimited power with no supervision. Tony, feeling guilty of all the lives that were lost, especially those of during the Ultron incident, wants to submit to UN. And Cap does not.


During this discussion, Bucky is framed for a murder and Cap wants to save his friend, making him a criminal. And those loyal to him joins in to save Bucky, and whatever is left of Avengers tries to arrest them, and starts this Civil War.

-the Good-

At first, I was worried that there may be too many characters in the movie and things will become a hot mess like Batman v Superman, which now that I think about it is similar in concept. But everything worked out so much better.


They introduced new character like Black Panther and Spiderman, and it did not feel forced. Like that time with Wonder Woman… And those two were instantly likable. Black Panther is strong and composed, and Spidey is fun and extremely agile.


All of the action scenes were done so well! This is how you make a hero vs hero Batman v Superman! The fight scene made sense, easy to follow and visually spectacular! I particularly enjoyed the airport fight scene.

Returning characters were so good too! Ant-Man is great as usual, Scarlet Witch has never been more powerful on film, Falcon is fast and so much more.


And there were a lot of good moments. I won’t say too much but Cap, Falcon and  Bucky sometimes act like 3 dudes being 3 dudes. These little moments were so freaking great! At these moments they felt human and not some Jesus figure.

-the Bad-


Like all Marvel movies these days, it requires a high entrance fee. To fully understand the movie you need to see:

  1. Captain America: the First Avenger
  2. Captain America: Winter Solider
  3. Avengers
  4. Avengers 2: Age of Ultron
  5. Ant Man

If you are into these movies, you have probably seen most, if not all of them. But this movie would be a terrible place to start.


There really is not too much to complain in this movie. I wanted to see more of Ant Man and Spiderman, but they did good in keeping the focus on Cap and Tony. That said, Spiderman was so cool! I wish he had the Iron Spider suit though…


  • Will I watch it again? Hell yes! This was a fantastic movie
  • Do I recommend it? Yes, this is one the better Marvel movies, and that says a lot.
  • Overall Thoughts? I had a blast watching this, and I cannot wait to see more.

If you got a chance to see this movie what did you think?



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