Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Retrospective

Daganronpa: Happy Trigger Havoc is the video game that was adapted to the anime I talked about awhile ago, that can be found here. This game was first released for PlayStation Portable in 2010, and there was a PS Vita version, which is the one I played.



Naegi Makoto is a rather naive guy who finds himself trapped in this sadistic game. The player controls him and we see the world through his eyes. He is naive and very trusting, which can make things frustrating at times.


Kirigiri Kyouko plays a larger role in the game than anime. She helps the player investigating corpses, giving helpful hints and morale support. However, sometimes her actions create questionable decisions, so can she really be trusted?


Monokuma is the main villain that pushes the characters to kill each other constantly. One of the biggest question in the game becomes who is Monokuma and why is he doing this?


16 students who are the absolute best at what they do, the Ultimates have been enrolled into the Hope’s peak academy. But somewhere along the line, things started to wrong,


Monokuma takes over the school and forces the students to kill each other for their freedom. How it works is like this:

When a murder is committed, there will be time for investigation, then Class Trial will takes place. During the trial, 1 person will be chosen as suspect. If that suspect is not the true murderer, everyone except the murderer gets to leave the school. If the correct person is chosen, he dies and evryone moves on to the next stage.


Obviously, this is where the game is different from the anime, because you know, anime does not have a gameplay… The game is divided into 4 parts.


First part is the visual novel style gameplay. This is all the talking and making friends aspect. There are a lot of dialogue and most of them are quite interesting.


There is also the Free Time section which is more similar to a dating sim since you can choose you want to get more intimate with. You can also roam around the school during this time and play mini games. This is the relaxing part of the game. Now let’s talk about the exciting parts!


The next section is the Investigation portion of the game. Gameplay wise, it is a point-and-click similar to a lot of Telltale games. Here you have to collect all the evidence you need to solve the murder. But just because you have the audience does not mean you can easily solve the case.


The last part is the fun part, the Class Trial! This is a fast paced argument to find the true criminal. Everyone in the game has an opinion on who may be the Blackened so you have to quickly find actual evidence and clear away misleading trails. And figuring out who and how the murder happened is what everything in the game leads to, and it is heart pounding and awesome!

-How does it hold up-

Very well. Although I felt that that the Free Time pars were way longer than they should be, the Investigation, story, and Class Trial far outweigh any negative points. If you like weird Japanese humor and murder mysteries, this is the game for you! I highly recommend it.

Have you played this before?



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