Gi Reviews Movie: X-Men Apocalypse

Last weekend, I had a chance to watch this movie. You know what this is, it’s an X-Men movie. For once, Wolverine is not center of the screen. The movie was directed by Bryan Singer and made by 20th Century Fox.



Charles Xavier aka Professor X is the headmaster of the Xavier School for the Gifted. He has been the protagonist for the past 2 movies, X-Men First Class and X-Men Days of the Future Past. He is now more Professor X and less playboy psychic like he was in First Class or a drug junkie in Days of Future Past.


Magneto aka Erik Lehnsherr is Xavier’s opposite side. He is one of the most powerful mutants with powers to control all metal. He is back, and now he is working for the titular character Apocalypse.


Apocalypse aka En Sabah Nurr is an ancient Egyptian mutant. He is believed to be the first mutant ever to exist. He has power to transfer his mind to other bodies, grant other power, and a lot more. He was worshiped as god during his time and now wants to rule over mutant only world.


There are returning characters like Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Nightcrawler, Angel  and Storm. It was nice to see them again in this new generation!


So the timeline takes the one of the past extended from X-Men First Class and Days of Future Past. This means that Wolverine has not joined the X-Men yet, and a lot of characters are meeting each other for the first time.

The story extending from the original trilogy or any with the original cast seem to be no longer canon at this point.


During one of the CIA agent’s missions, she accidentally wakes Apocalypse from his slumber in Egyptian ruin. Seeing that the world is ruled by regular people, Apocalypse decides that he must take charge and rule the world.



Now it is up to the X-Men to take this monster down and save the world.

-the Good-


The movie was fun. I liked seeing the children students back in the mix. Seeing Cyclops, Jean, and the other kids back in action reminded me a lot of the cartoon version I used to watch when I was a kid.


Michael Fassbender as Magneto was always good and this is no exception. He was the emotional core of the movie, and he was more of the center of the movie than any other character.


I do not want to spoil it for anyone, but my favorite part of the movie was probably the Quicksilver speed scene. Remember the one form Days of the Future Past? Well, this is like that but on a grander scale.

-the Bad-


I do not know too much about Apocalypse, but he felt really nerfed in this movie. He only has a couple of powers and needs to collect more powers to get stronger. Didn’t every mutant power come from this guy? Maybe I am wrong, if I am please let me know.


There area a lot characters in this movie, so not everyone will get a chance to shine. But I was really hoping Jubilee would have had a larger role in the film. She looked perfect for the part, so CUTE! She seemed likable enough, and it seemed like she was going to do more. Alas, she quickly became a background character.


This applied to the 4 horsemen as well. Apart from Magneto, the others rarelyu got any development. Psylocke has cool powers, Storm has cool powers, Angle got metal wings…. end of story.


  • Will I watch it again? Maybe, yeah probably.
  • Do I recommend it? Yeah, I had fun, I hope you get something out of it.
  • Overall thought? Fun, not great, but fun!

Have you seen this film? What do you think?



One thought on “Gi Reviews Movie: X-Men Apocalypse

  1. I enjoyed it; it’s dumb fun. But I don’t think it was a good film. Most of the characters were irrelevant, especially the horsemen except Magneto.


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