Retrospective: Silent Hill 2

Arguably the best in the series, Silent Hill 2 was a follow up to Silent Hill on the Playstation 2. The game was released in 2001 and was Silent Hill’s first step in the next generation. This is one of the most recognized horror game of all time. It has great story, great characters and miserable town covered in fog.



James Sunderland is an average got who just got a letter from his dead wife to come to Silent Hill. He and his wife went to Silent Hill BEFORE it became hell on earth. He is a rather generic character, but this was to make players project themselves on him.


Maria is a provocatively dressed woman that has similar name and look to James’ dead wife, Mary. Is she real, or is she just another mind fuck that was devised by the sadistic gods of Silent Hill?


Pyramid Head is a near indestructible entity that roams and chases James through Silent Hill. He occasionally rapes other monsters. Yes, he RAPES other horrifying creatures. He is more of a force of nature, personification of punishment, and manifestation of wrath than a character. I have on a Toy Collection of him if you want to check it out!


The story is very creepy. One day, James receives a letter from his DEAD wife. Knowing this cannot be true, James cannot help but feel hope that it may be real. Despite all his sense telling him not to, he goes to Silent Hill as the letter requested. But Silent Hill is not the resort town it once was, it is not a manifestation of James’ horrors and psyche.


In Silent Hill, James come across multiple characters that are dealing with their own problems. Like he meets Angela who has serious daddy issues, Eddie who has no sympathy for anything, and Maria… oh boy.


Maria looks identical to James’ dead wife Mary…. But sluttier…. This puts so much stress on James, poor guy. On top of this, enter scene Pyramid Head. Pyramid Head is an unforgiving force of horror that chases James throughout the game. It’s intentions are unknown and it punishes things James hold dear.


Gameplay is pretty similar to the original Silent Hill. One major change is the addition of 2D mode, which makes controlling the character much easier.


Like before, it is easier to run away from enemies than fight them. I did not make the mistake of unloading all my ammo on the first enemy this time so I guess I improved.


I noticed that there were more health items in the game than the previous title. It might just be me, but the game felt a touch easier than the original title. On Nitro Rad’s video he mentioned that this is probably the easiest of the series.


Oh, apart from the survival horror gameplay, there was a quick rowing boat simulator part as well. Because why not.

-How Does it Hold Up-

Yes, it does, in fact there was a HD Remaster version of it for PS3 and Xbox 360, although that was really buggy.


Although I thought Silent Hill 1 was scarier than this one, the story of James, his dead wife, and Pyramid Head is much more interesting than the convoluted story of the first game.

What did you think of Silent Hill 2, let me know!



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