Gi Reviews Game: One Piece Pirate Warrior 3

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is a rather new game that was developed by Omega Force and Koei Tecmo, the creators of the Dynasty Warriors series. The game was released March of 2015, and was out for PS3, PS4, PS Vita, and the PC. I played my copy on the PS4. I never played the Dynasty Warriors, but I have played the previous entries in the Pirate Warriors franchise, and I think this one is the best one yet!



There are too many to list. At least every major One Piece character from the manga is here, with part of Dressrossa storyline.

Obviously, the Straw Hat Pirates are in the game. Both their pre-Time Skip and post-Time Skip versions of the characters are playable. Their movesets do differ, but for the better.

The new playable characters that were not in the previous games include: Doflamingo, Sabo, Fujitora, and Caesar Clown. Of the new addition, I played Fujitora the most.



Story wise this game is pretty ambitious. It attempts to summarize the entire manga storyline from the very first chapter to Dressrossa arc. Although that last part was written for the game… so it does not told its own. I am sure the game was made either before or during the end of the Dressrossa arc in the manga, therefore we do not see Gear 4 or the Awakening.



If you have played the previous two titles, there is absolutely no surprise here. Some of the move sets have changed, and the Straw Hat pirates all have 2 versions, pre and post timeskip. I am not saying the gameplay is bad, in fact its pretty great, just not revolutionary.



Kizuna Rush is a new thing where the character temporarily gets stronger and one or more ally of your choice helps you fight the enemies, and use a team attack.




-the Good-


The art style and the graphics are so true to the manga. It captures the atmosphere better than the anime or other previous games. The cutscenes in the game capture the manga almost frame by frame.


The characters feel powerful, seeing your character wasting hundreds of enemies at once is very gratifying. I mean you are playing as some of the most powerful people in the world.

The backgrounds were great too! Sky Piea has the shrines, the giant snake, and even Maxim. The Fishmen Island has Kraken’s tentacles everywhere, and it was pretty fun to look at.

-the Bad-


The game can get very repetitive, especially if you found the the one strategy that works and decide to spam that. For me it was with Fujitora and his R1 attack, that was overpowered as hell.


The characters are not made equal, at least to me. Strong characters are strong, but a little too strong. Once I unlocked Fujitora, no one could compete with him. Pirate Warrior games had the same problem ever since it started. In the first two games, Aokiji was really overpowered.

The coin system. At first I thought it was neat how the joins you need to collect are based on the story, like how Law needs to collect Doflamingo coins. But then I realized that this was going to be the end game. To max out a character you need to get the rare coins, which can be a bitch to get. And there are so many of them, WHY SO MANY! And how come EVERYONE needs the Impel Down coins? Because of things like that, many levels have to be played countless times, just to get the right coins.



  • Will I play it again? Yes, I have beat, and I am still playing it.
  • Do I recommend it? Only to those who like One Piece and mindless beat’em ups
  • Overall thoughts? Great game, had ton of fun. But not perfect.

I have not played a ton of One Piece games, but this is definitely one of the better ones. FYI, my favorite was One Piece Grand Battle for the Game Cube.

Hope you liked it!



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