Gi Reviews Movie: Dredd

Somehow I never got around to see this one. I heard good things about it, but my brother finally made me buy a copy and now I have seen it. Dredd is a movie adaptation of comic book series called Judge Dredd. There is another movie called Judge Dredd with Sylvester Stallone, but I heard that one was a flop… This one has Karl Urban as Dredd, Olivia Thirlby as Cassandra Anderson, and Lena Heady as Mama. The movie was released in 2012 by Lionsgate




Judge Dredd is the titular character. He is a Judge, meaning he can do whatever he want sto u[hold the law, including passing judgement and executing anyone he sees guilty.


Judge Cassandra Anderson is a rookie that is under Dredd’s supervision to become a full fledged Judge. She has psychic powers that can probe other people’s minds.


Ma-Ma is the main antagonist of the movie. Sje is the head of the drug gang called the Mama Clan. She runs the drug gang that distributes Slo-Mo that changes perception of time. .



The story is interesting in that rather than a huge event stories like a lot of superhero movies like Avengers, Dark Knight, and whatnot,the story is just another day in the life of Judge Dredd. Might as well be titled Dredd, Tuesday.


As mentioned before, Judge Dredd is assessing Cassandra Anderson. A few people were thrown from a roof skinned by the Mama Clan, and Dredd decides that this will be a good test for the rookie, to take down a drug gang in a complex called Peach Trees.

There is not much to the story, but the execution was fantastic.

-the Good-

Despite its world and dark atmosphere, the world of Dredd is very colorful. The gas grenades were very colorful, the drug trip slow motion scenes were fun to watch, and it was just a visually fun movie.


There are a lot of mature things going on. Straight up gore is something a lot of movies stay away from these days, but Dredd seems to embrace it, but I wish there were more on screen gore. Also there are mature contents like prostitution, skinning people alive, and rape.


The actions in the movie are pretty great. The gatling gun scene,. and just seeing Dredd being a badass is pretty great.


-the Bad-

Seriously…. there is not much I can say that is bad about hits film. It knows what it wants to be and sticks with it. So here are some pointless banter.


I wish we see more of the world of Dredd. The dystopian world that fears Judges and the law but while having serious crime problems seem very interesting and I wish more of it were explored.


The mental fight scene was …. interesting. I think it can use an improvement. It was neither interesting nor provoking. I just kinda happened. Similarly, there are a lot of scenes where Mama threathens her tech guy, and that seemed a little excessive.



  • Will I watch it again? Yeah, it is an honest fun film about badass super cops being badass.
  • Do I recommend it? Yes, but not for kids.
  • Overall thoughts?

I like this film. I hope more stuff like this exist. One off adventure films are good. What did you think of Dredd?



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