World of One Piece: Marines

The Marines of One Piece are probably the most featured and largest single group in the series. Due to the size, the capability of the Marines range from mediocre thugs to single-highhandedly-changing-weather-of-an-island demigods.


Three Marine demigods are the Admirals. The three admirals are pride and the best weapon the Marines have. I will talk more about them in a later date.


The head if the Marines is the fleet admiral. Prior to the timeskip, it was “Buddha” Sengoku. And post timeskip, it is Sakazuki AKA former Akainu. Although Marines are their own group, they are still part of the World Government and need to take orders from the Gorosei and the World Government Commander.


The Marine headquarters aka the Marineford is located where the Grand Line and the Red Line meet for the second time. It is located at the center of the Grand Line. One the largest event took place here, the War of the Greatest. But due to this war, the Marines had to relocate the headquarters.


Marines have some of the nicest tech in the world. One of them being their ships. The Marine ships’ bottoms are lined with Seastone, making their presence unknown to seakings. This means they can travel through the Calm Belt thus making travel through the Grand Line much easier.


I hope you liked this one!



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