Top 10 Worst Dads in Manga and Anime

A bit late to this one…. better late than never right?

So here are some terrible fathers from Anime and Manga. Hope you like. There are some spoilers, so be wary.


10. Ikari Gendou from Neon Genesis Evanglion


Yeah, he is number 10 on this list. He forces his teenage son to drive a apocalypse-triggering giant robot to fight colossal monsters hell best on wiping out humanity. He ditched his child after his wife died, and did not contact him until he found out that his son is the only that can pilot the Eva.


9.Matou Zouken from Fate series


The head of the Matou clan, he wants to revive the magical powers once again in his family. So he brought in innocent Sakura from the Tohsaka family and made her bathe in magic bugs, and they violate every part of her body, hell, they look like penises… Furthermore, he treats Kariya, his actual flesh and blood, like shit. Kariya volunteers to fight for him for Sakura’s freedom, and Zouken gives Berserker and magic, both destroys Kariya’s body and mind.


8. Shjuichi’s Father from Uzumaki


His name was never completely given. He has an obsession with spirals and seems to be the root of all tragedies that befall his town. He drove his son and wife insane, and endangered the lives of every single person in town. He dies early on but his actions caused so much more damage after his death.


7. Lord Genome from Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan


He …. is a terrible person. He is seemingly immortal and raising children is like a hobby to him, especially princesses. But when one of his dolls ask him a question, straight to the trash with her! He literally threw Nia away because she asked why she was born. And when one of his general asked if she should be captured alive, he allowed her to kill Nia.

6. Charles Zi Britannia from Code Geass series


Being emperor of the most powerful army in the world is tough sure, but he treats his kids like shit. After losing his wife, he expels his son and daughter, Lelouche and Nunally from the country for disrespect. Apart from being traumatized, Nunally is now blind and a cripple, but that does not stop pops from stripping them of their titles and money and send to Japan, one of the places that hates the royal family, good job dad!


5. Sanka Danichiro from Sankarea


This one is a creep. He has some sick obsession with his daughter as she looks just like her mother. After her death, he raised his daughter by himself. But what puts him on this list is how he took weird nude photos of his daughter on her every birthday well into her teens. That is him bathing with photos of his daughter. She thought that was normal because he was the one educating her, then she found out it was not okay….


4. Mikawa Kirameki from Shigofumi


Very similar to above Danichiro. After his wife left him and their daughter, he kinda snapped, He loves beautiful things and he is an artist. So what is the most beautiful canvas for his GLASS pens, well his daughter of course! Yeah, he uses sharp glass fountain pens to draw on his daughter’s back. He is like Danichiro but actively tortures his child.


3. Hirukawa Masami from Paranoia Agent


He is the whole package. He is a cop, who robs and rapes people. He filmed his daughter secretly and sold those footage for money. When he is having sex with prostitutes, he forces them to call him Daddy. This man makes me sick.


2. Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist series


Yeah yeah, we all know this one. Shou fused his daughter with the family dog for his science project. To boot, he previously fused his wife with another creature to even get his original State Alchemist rank. He’s a douche.


1. Gambino from Berserk


Sure Shou gets a bad rep, but what about this fucker? He abused Guts since he was a child, sold his son’s body for money, and even tried to kill him whilke Guts was sleeping. Guts’ fear of intimacy comes from his relationship with this demon. Sure, Gambino is not his birth father, but he was the one Guts looked up to until he realized Gambino was garbage.

Sorry about being late, hope you liked, or disliked in this case. Who else do you think deserves to be on this list?


29 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Dads in Manga and Anime

  1. Oh man, this list is sick, I agree with all of them, even the ones i haven’t seen, and the rest really make Ikari as not that bad of a bastard dad when in comparison (^_^;)
    Now I wonder about if there’s a vile mothers list in the making! (^_−)☆

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    1. I know, right? Just seeing the names in this list and remembering them is awakening my disgust and anger at them. Shou Tucker is sick. Oh my gosh. He’s horrible. And I agree. I want to see a vile mothers list! Great post.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. They’re all sick, one way or another, so they really get on my nerves (¬_¬)ノ
        Petition for vile mothers list! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

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    2. Haha, you guessed it! I am in process of making Top 10 Worst Moms, but there are far fewer of them in manga and anime than terrible dads. Look forward to it as it is happening! And if you have any recommendations for the list I welcome it.


      1. Omg AWESOME! I’m super looking forward to it (≧∇≦)/
        Mothers are usually dead in the shows (^_^;)
        Oh man, for terrible mothers they’re mostly in manga…
        Oh wait!!!
        I know a couple manga ones, but anime…
        It’s harder to remember more @a@
        I’m sure other people will know more!

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  2. Good list. I’ve watched both Fate/Zero and Sankarea. Judging by his looks, I could see that Zouken would be cruel(Just look at his old man face). As for Danichiro, he is by far the most disgusting anime dad I have ever seen, even thinking about him pisses me off. I wouldn’t have let him step on that plane, I think he won’t live in peace, he’ll end of causing trouble again.
    I would love to see a worst mothers list in the future.

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      1. I’ve definitely seen some abusive mothers but they tend to be minor characters and just there to imply that bad moms do exist. The really ‘cruel’ ones are a rarity. Still, happy hunting!

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  3. I don’t know many of the animes you mentioned above but I agree that Charles Zi Britannia is one of the worst – I mean, his hair is pretty terrible too hahaha xD But seriously, he’s horrible.

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  4. Great list. Definitely, Genome, Tucker and Gendo as the worst dads. I heard about Sankarea and I agree, he is a creep. I also heard about the one with Berserk from a Top10 Mojo video. His relationship with him led Guts to be a killer as an adult.

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