Metal Gear Solid 3 Retrospective

Metal Gear Solid 3 is the third installment in the Metal Gear Solid series and the fifth installment in the Metal Gear series. It is once again made by Hideo Kojima was published Konami, when they still made good decisions. The game was released in Japan in November of 2004.




The main character here is Snake, but he is not Solid Snake, this is Naked Snake aka John. He is called this because he has to infiltrate Soviet jungle to destroy a nuclear platform with no weapons deployed. For those of you who don’t know, he is the man that will later become Big Boss, the greatest soldier in history and father to Solid Snake, and enemy to the world. He is the man that the whole MGS series is revolving around.


The Boss is Naked Snake’s mentor and mother figure. The two developed CQC, the main hand to hand combat used by every soldier. She is the head of the Cobra Unit and she defects to Soviet Russia, and it is Snake’s job to kill her. Exact reason for her betrayal is unknown.


A much younger version of Revolver Ocelot is in this game, making him the only character that was in all 3 MGS games so far. He is more rash and immature than his older version. He is GRU Major and works under Volgin, an electric sadistic power hungry villain. As usual, Ocelot is a man of many MANY secrets and allegiances.




You know how the story will end. MGS3 is prequel to ALL Metal Gear games, this is where everything started. Big Boss will become the greatest villain the world has seen, there will be 3 man bearing his name and likeness who will try to change the world, more nuclear threats and Metal Gears will arise, and everything is rooted back here.

We follow Naked Snake, a noob with naive beliefs. Then his mentor, the Boss, defects to Soviet Union and he is tasked to kill her and her Cobra Unit.



Throughout the adventure, Snake comes across myriad of characters. From beautiful Eva to young Revolver Ocelot. Although this Ocelot is younger and more rash than the mature Ocelot from the previous games.


Let’s talk out the villains, the Cobra Unit. They are arguably the weirdest group in the MGS series, possibly more than the Foxhound Unit from MGS1. The Cobra Unit has code names based on emotion they bring into the battlefield. The low points include the Pain and the Fear. But the rest are amazing.


The Fury fights similarly to Vulcan Raven in that you cannot go again this flame-throwing jet propelled cosmonaut head on.


The Sorrow’s boss battle makes the you witness all the people and animal you killed until this point. You have to witness your cruelty. And did I mention, he is a freaking ghost. He came from beyond the grave to test Snake. If you managed to kill no one, I don’t this the battle will be as exciting…


And the End. Possibly the greatest sniper battle in history. This battle could take hours, or weeks. The End is an ancient sniper that blends into the forest so well tracking him is the only way to win. He can be so hard, that the company implemented a second way to kill him, wait until he dies of age.


Lastly the Boss. Throughout the game, you see her proving she alone stands at the pinnacle of power. She takes and dismantles Snake’s gun. She beats up Volgin. And puts Ocelot in his place. She is an unstoppable force of nature and is mentor and a mother figure to Naked Snake. And that final battle. Snake finally reaches that top and the two fight as equals.


And at last, Boss is defeated. And Snake is awarded the title of Big Boss.



MGS3 was kind of a game changer. Until this point, all Metal Gear games took place in claustrophobic heavily industrial buildings, or something similar that restricted player’s movement to be very geometric. In MGS3, those restrictions were eliminated. Now it takes place in organic open jungle, you can even hide in trees. Also the Soliton radar was removed, probably because the technology of MGS3 was not there yet. This made the game so much harder. Now you could only rely on your senses.


As the name Snake Eater suggest, you have to eat snakes and other animals to recover health. The life saving Rations from the old games are gone. Now you have to find your own food and heal yourself manually.

There are a lot of details in the game that needs mention. Early in the game, you see a helicopter. Later in the game, you see the same helicopter that surveys the area. If you destroy the copter from earlier, then there is no helicopter surveying for you later in the game. Early in the game, there is a short amount of time you see the End sleeping on a wheelchair before the Boss takes him inside. If you manage to kill him here, he actually dies. There are so many things, it would be difficult to put them in one post.


-Does it hold up today?-


Absolutely! MGS3 is arguably the highlight of the entire series. The story is amazing, the gameplay is fantastic, and as whole it is just epic. This is arguably the best Metal Gear Game ever made.

What are your thoughts on this game?


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