Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Anime Review

Also known as KonoSuba.

The show is based on series of novels and light novels by Akatsuki Natsume and the anime was made by Studio Deen. The show started January of 2016. It has 10 episodes and it was pretty great!



The guy on the right is our hero, Satou Kazuma. He was an otaku that died and was reborn in this fantasy world. The woman on the left is Aqua, the goddess that was reduced to a healer by Kazuma, who had done this because Aqua is kind of a bitch.


Megumin is the loli of the series. She is adorable and works very hard. She is a thing called Crimson Demon (not exactly sure what that mean though) and she specializes in Explosion magic. What I mean bythat, she only knows one move and that is overpowered offensive attack. Think of it as Final Fantasy’s UIltima or Shin Megami Tensei’s Megidolaon. After using Explosion once… she is down for the count.


Darkness is…… a masochist. She loves to be in pain. In fact she joins Kazuma in hopes that the party will get in a lot of trouble. She is a pervert to the core and actively seeks ways to get hurt and this freaks out most of the characters, even the bad guy bosses. She is a Crusader class, but she cannot land a hit if her life depended on it.



Kazuma, on his way back from buying a video game, dies in a car “accident” and meets goddess Aqua in purgatory. She gives him a choice of ascending to boring heaven or be reborn in a world where RPG stuff is real. He chooses the latter. Secondly, he can take one thing with him to this adventure, like a perk. But he chooses Aqua instead because she was being a bitch to him.


Now the two of them must gather party members and defeat the Evil God King so that Aqua can return to her goddessness. During their misadventures, they meet Megumin and Darkness who are both kind of failures. Now with this band of terrible teammates, Kazuma has to save the world.


There are 2 worlds in Konosuba, our regular world and more fantastic world. I am going to be talking about the fantastic side of this world. Here, magic is common place. And the world follows the rules of an RPG game for some reason. People follow the class systems and there is a place to earn experience points and rewards.



-the Good-

The show is genuinely funny. I think I laughed out loud on every episode. They criticize the bullshit that comes from the usual character tropes and some are just good writing.


The characters are very memorable and funny. Kazuma’s team consists of Healer that does not heal, a mage that only knows 1 spell, and a knight that cannot hit a single target. This is the hero’s team. At times, Kazuma will look at his party, sighs and acknowledges they are pathetic.


Just about every episode, Megumin uses Explosion, and it has a noticeable animation time. Think of it as Sailor Moon transformation time. But I never got tire of it, in fact I cannot wait to see more of this apocalyptic doomsday magic!

-the Bad-

Apart from Megumin’s Explosion magic, there is nothing visually outstanding about his show. The colors are good, but they are no Fate/ Zero’s colors. I guess what I’m saying is that the visuals function, but that is about it.


I feel like the show wants to be more epic or action oriented judging by that last episode. However, I think the show’s strength lies in comedy and poking fun at what people accept to be normal in anime, much like Deadpool.




  • Will I watch it again? Yes, in fact I have started a second run already.
  • Do I recommend this? Yes, especially to those who likes RPG and Fantasy.
  • Overall thoughts? Freaking hilarious and I am hoping season 2 comes out soon.

I cannot wait until second season of this becomes a thing. Meanwhile, I might start to read the original light novels these were based on,

What did you think of Konosuba?



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