Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Game Review

So I recently did an unboxing of sort for Valkyria Chronicles, and I had the chance to play it. I think I can use this as both Retrospective and Review at the same time. The game is made by Sega, I know, and was released in 2016. This is a remastered (duh) of the PS3 masterpiece Valkyuria Chronicles, which was released in 2008. FYI, the PC port was released in 2014. The artist behind the character design is Raita, who is more known for his…. naughtier works.




Welkin Gunther is the protagonist of the series. He is a son of a war hero and the leader of the militia group Squad 7. He usually works in his tank and his main form operation is to lead the squad.



Alicia Melchiot is the female protagonist. She is a Scout and acts as the second in charge of the squad. She has very maternal nature but will defend herself and her friends without hesitation.



Selvaria Bles is the woman on the cover of the original game. She is a Valkyria of many legends, wielding supernatural powers. She uses a spear that can destroy her enemies with ray of light, and has a shield that can deflect even tank shells. She is one of the leaders of the Imperial Army and extremely loyal to her prince.



Maximilian is a princess of the Imperial Army. He is the commander of the invading army and the head antagonist.



The world of Valkyria Chronicle is very similar to our own. The continent where the story takes place is called Europa, and the setting for the story is country of Galia. Europa is obviously from Europe, and Galia is France’s name during the Iron Age. Furthermore the story takes place during Europa War II (EWII), yeah, not so subtle. The Imperials look like Nazis, and Darcsens are clear reference to Jews.

Aside from relating to our world, there is a precious natural resource called Ragnite. Ragnite is source for all power in this world. It powers tanks, medical equipment, bombs, and anything really. The war is pretty much over this resource, and Galia is rich of it.



The story takes place during WWII, I mean EWII. Although the name is similar to WWII, it is more of WWI in that it is mostly trench warfare.

The Imperial Army is attacking small country of Galia and the militia led by Welkin and his Squad 7 has to defend Galia and its people. It is mentioned that Galia’s military is off fighting larger forces.



The gameplay is separated into multiple part, mainly the combat and everything else. Everything else consists of menus where you choose missions, upgrade weapons, and use EXP points to level up or learn Orders, which are like buffs.


Combat is the main game. During combat, there are 2 parts, the Command phase and action phase. During Command phase, you can see the whole map and identified units like how you would a real strategy maps and playing pieces. Here, you spend a Command Point to move a unit.


Enter Action phase. Each unit has a certain amount of Action Points, how much they can move. Here, the game becomes a third person shooter but that shooting part is very RPG like. After you move the unit to the desired location you press the shoot button, and the time more or less stops. And like Fallout’s VATs, you choose where to shoot and it happens.


When people told me Borderlands was RPG with shooting, I disagree. THIS is RPG with shooting. The gameplay is really addictive and fun. And I hope more people get to try it.


-the Good-


EVERY person in you unit is unique and full of personality. Some of them seems to be more alive than some of the main cast. For example, there is the Jane, the sadistic Nazi hater. There is Jann, the gay Lancer who has a huge crush on Largo. There is Lone wolf master sniper Marina, seriously, she’s OP. There is Dallas a lesbian engineer who wants to start a harem with Alicia in it. I mean these are very colorful characters. They ALL have a back story and unique set of skills they can learn, go have fun making your squad!


The art in this game is amazing. Everything is styled to look like watercolor painting. The colors are really vibrant and everything is just beautiful. It was one of the prettiest game on PS3, and it is still one of the prettiest game on PS4. The character designs are some of my favorites. I love Raita’s work, both naughty and nice things. All the characters look absolutely unique and really detailed. I mean just look at Maximilian’s armor.



-the Bad-

This being a Remaster, I was hoping we would get an option to skip cutscenes and dialogues, unfortunately that is not the case. This is a little too faithful to the original source in that nothing has changed aside from coming with the DLCs.

Some of the characters are better than others, but some characters can be broken. I won’t spoil anything, but Alicia gets real OP real fast. Also Marina can achieve sniping level where her cross hair is just a dot, meaning perfect accuracy.



  • Will I play it again? Yes, this is one of my favorite games. I wish Sega understands how great this series is and continues to build on it.
  • Do I recommend it? Definitely! If you like strategy and anime, this is perfect
  • Overall thoughts? Loved every minute of it!


I loved the original game, and I love this one. I plan on doing Retrospectives on VCII and will write a review when I play the third one. I hope you look forward to it!



2 thoughts on “Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Game Review

  1. “Maximilian is a princess of the Imperial Army.”

    You can never be too sure these days who is a prince and who is a princess…


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