Rokka no Yuusha Anime Review

Rokka no Yuusha AKA Rokka: Brave of the Six Flowers is a anime adaptation of light novel of the the same name by Yamagata Ishio. The anime was created by Passione and started in July of 2015. This was recommended to me by a close friend so I decided to give it a watch.



Adlet Mayer is a man that claims to be the strongest person in the world. It is briefly shown that he had a difficult past and wants to kill the Demon God. He uses a lot of underhanded tricks and clever rouses over brute strength. I honestly though Adlet was a girl, with that flowy red locks and hairless face, but I was wrong.


Flamie Speeddraw is Brave known for her sniping skills. She is a half demon and wishes to kill the Demon God. She and Adlet kind of has a little something something going on.


Nashentanya Loei Piena is a princess that became a Brave. She has thiswand that summons swords Unlimited Blade Works style. She trusts Adlet to the end of the world for some reason. She and Flamie does not get along.


There is this thing called the Demon God, and every generation 6 warriors of varying origins and powers are chosen to become a team and fight the Demon God. Our hero, Adlet is chosen to be one of the Braves.


To head into the Demon Area, the heroes meet up at a temple, but for some reason, there are total of seven of them! One of them is a fake. Unfortunately the rest of the season is to figure out who this fake is.

-the Good-

The anime looks great. The colors are bright and the action is easy to follow. The logic the main characters use make sense, and the fact that no one trusts each other is good to watch.


I enjoyed the character designs for Adlet and Maura. Their designs were very practical and fits the world, and  most importantly, makes sense.


Although only having a single event for the whole season I think is a mistake. I think the show did a good job on making the viewer guess who the fake was. I am not gonna say who it is but it kept me guessing.

-the Bad-

Most of the series is about the team becoming a team. When I say that, they are at this one temple and attacking each other. This is most of the season. When I say it takes up most of the season, I mean that is the ONLY even that happens. There is suppose to be only 6 Braves, but for some reason, there are seven of them, one of them is a fake. I enjoy mysteries, but this dragged on for the whole season. Literally nothing else happens in the series because of it. They don;t even progress to actually fighting demons…. I guess second season will do some of that, because the mystery is still not completely solved…. I mean come on!


Some of the character designs make no sense to me. Why does the princess look she is in a bunny suit? Why does Flamie wear like no clothing to war? Goldov wears like the same thing as Flamie…. isn’t he a soldier? Should he wear armor to protect his chest?


  • Will I watch it again? Probably not.
  • Do I recommend this? Yes, although not too strongly.
  • Overall thoughts? It was okay…. I might check out the second season to see where it goes.

Thank you Nick for introducing this to me. I will check out the second season if that comes out, but if it does not, I am not too disappointed.

Did you like this, let me know what you think,



One thought on “Rokka no Yuusha Anime Review

  1. I was really keen to watch this but waited to see if it would end and then have been repeatedly told that it doesn’t really resolve anything so have continued to avoid. Hopefully it does get a second season that concludes some things and then I might check it out.


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