Finding Dory Movie Review

I just had a chance to see Disney and Pixar’s Finding Dory. For all two of you who don’t know, Finding Dory is sequel to Finding Nemo, which came out in …. oh my god, 2003. That is over a decade ago. The movie features Ellen Degeneres as Dory.



Dory, you know who she is. She is the blue fish (Regal Blue Tang) that has a short-term memory loss. The one that helped Marlin find his son in the first movie. This is time, she remembers  a fragment of her past and she needs to see her long-lost family.

Hank is an octopus (or septapus) with some serious anxiety issues regarding returning to the ocean. He makes a deal with Dory: in exchanging his help to find her parents, she gives helps him to find a way for him to NOT return to the ocean, exact opposite of the fish in the first movie.

Marlin and Nemo returns in the movie, but their role is much smaller than the first movie. Marline and Nemo help Dory find her parents, only to lose her. Marlin, being Marlin, worries and over thinks everything. Nemo…. was quite annoying and passive aggressive. That was about it for the two of them.

Another huge character in the movie is Destiny, literally and figuratively. Destiny is a whale shark that is short-sighted, so she can’t swim very well. She is practically blind. And Bailey is her neighbor that has issues with his echolocation. The two of them are so nice that they help Dory in whatever ways they can.

And the most important character is Sigourney Weaver. I will let you figure out her role in the movie.



Story is very simple. Dory remembers a little from her past which jump starts her adventure to find her home and long-lost parents. Because she has short-term memory loss, and her knowing this, she begs Marlin to help her find them.

One thing leads to another and the gang arrives at Marine Life Institute where most of the story takes place. The Marine Life Institute is pretty much super hospitals for marine animals, making sense why most of the characters have either physical or mental disabilities.


-the Good-

This movie is so dang CUTE, from baby Dory to the hugging otters, it is littered with awws. The short that was on prior to the movie was cute as hell as well. This movie was so damn adorable, I just had to mention this.

The movie deals with a sensitive topic of disabilities. Most of the characters in the movie are suffering from one disability or another: Dory has short-term memory loss, Destiny has inoperable eyes, Bailey’s echolocation is not functioning, Hank has anxiety issues, and Nemo has a bad fin. Despite these disabilities, the cast work together to make the craziest things happen. I think that is a good message, not letting the disability get the better of you.

The comedy on this movie was spot on. It was funny, before this movie, there was an advertisement for new Ice Age movie, and it looked terrible. None of the jokes worked for it. Then when I saw Finding Dory doing jokes right, I sighed in relief knowing that Pixar still has great ton of magic left!


-the Bad-

This being a sequel, there were some forced cameos from the last movie. Yeah, it made some sense, but the scene with Crush and his son seemed a little forced, it seemed like it was there to show that this happened in the last movie.

Because the movie relies on Dory’s memories, and memories are something new to Dory, there are A LOT of flashbacks in the movie. I don’t usually mind flashbacks, but there were a little too much of it here.



  • Will I watch it again? Definitely yes! I cannot wait for the Blu Ray to come out for it
  • Do I recommend it? Yes. If you cute things, like Pixar, or like animals, this is it!
  • Overall thoughts? It was not as emotional as Finding Nemo, but I don’t think that was what they were going for. It is great as its own movie and I would love to watch it again!

Have you seen Finding Dory yet? What did you think of it?



One thought on “Finding Dory Movie Review

  1. Marlin and Nemo really didn’t need to be in the movie. Nemo just guilt trips Marlin, and Marlin just gets the two of them in trouble.


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