Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? Anime Review

Also known as “And You Thought Your Online Wife was Not a Woman?”. This was originally a light novel series written by Kineko Shibai. The anime came out April of 2016. The anime was made by Project No. 9. The series just ended recently and here are some of my thoughts.


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Rusian aka Nishimura Hideki is the protagonist of the series. His roles in the team is to be a tank, luring all the enemies to him and crowd control. ┬áHe is a veteran gamer and is virtually married to Ako aka Tamaki Ako. She is pretty much the focus of the series. She is delusional…. She thinks that since she and Rusian are married in the game, that they are married in real life. Her role in the team is a medic and buffer.


Schwein aka Segaewa Akane is the party combatant, best in terms of close combat. She is friends withe Rusian and the group. She is your typical twin tail tsundere. Master aka Goshoin Kyou is the party leader. She is the offensive magic user. She is rich and most of her skill comes from paying real money for good gears, so she is a premium user, pay to win….



Rusian once proposed to someone in the game, only to find out that the cat eared adorable avatar actually belongs to a man. So he decided that he will not take online marriages too seriously. But, when he married Ako, she got a different idea.

One day, the party decides to meet offline, in person. Assuming that everyone in the party was older men, Rusian is surprised to learn that ALL, not just one, of the party members are hot high school girls that go to his school. what a coincidence!


The party quickly learns that Ako, the healer, has some serious issues. She has hard time distinguishing between reality and game. She thinks she and Rusian are married and social people are terrible. So the team form a gaming club to help Ako get over her gaming delusions….. something don’t sound quite right….


-the Good-

The animation is quite nice, and the colors are good. Character designs are okay. Visually that is about it. The design of the MMO RPG they are playing seems somewhat interesting, although I don;t think I would be too into it.


There were some funny moments where I chuckled. But above all else, this was more or less relaxing. This is one of the shows that I watch to relax and unwind before going to sleep. Some similar to Tanaka kun is Always Restless, which I will do a review once I finish the show.


-the Bad-


The show is very typical slice-of-life. In that not too much happens in the show. The team goes on couple of quests, deal with making friends, and so on. With popularity of MMORPG shows like Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, or even RPG inspired anime like Konosuba (my review of it right here!) this show has really hard time standing out. If you want action, SAO has better action, if you want strategy, Log Horizon has better strategy and politics, if you want comedy, Konosuba is far funnier. Although one thing this show has the others don’t is that it mostly takes place in the real world.


There was this one instance where Ako tried to physically attack another person due to his/her relationship with Rusian online. She tried to harm another person because of virtual relationship on a game. I love games, but that is not a reason to harm someone. And the worst part is this was kind of laughed off. They played it as if it were a kid making a mistake of hitting another kid. If Ako was not an anime girl, this would have been handled very differently.



  • Will I watch it again? Probably not.
  • Do I recommend it? No…. as mentioned above, I would recommend Konosuba or Log Horizon over this one.
  • Overall thoughts? I had fun. But it is not worth revisiting nor remembering. If there is no second season, I would be okay with that.


I had an okay time with this show. Did you like it, if so what did you like about it?



3 thoughts on “Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? Anime Review

  1. I dropped this one midway. All the characters (maybe except the MC) were boring. The jokes felt flat to me and there was NO plot, it was just their group of friends playing MMORPGs. It failed miserably with getting me excited, there was way too much talking. Ako seemed annoying to me and I decided it was enough.

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    1. It is very hard to say this was worth the watch, but it was mild and relaxing. Nothing happens as you said. It was a good distraction from work and what not.
      Thank you for the taking time to read the post!

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