Top 10 Favorite Gen 2 Pokemon

A little confession. My parents did not let me play many games when I was little, and was little late to gaming. My first video game of all time was Pokemon Gold, and it is to this day, my favorite Pokemon game. Because of this, the Gen 2 has more significance to me than Gen 1. To see the Gen 1 list, here is the link!

With that said, let’s start this.


10.Ā Forretress

I fell in love with Metal type Poekomn. As mention in prior post, I love robots, and this just makes it! To boot, Forretress is flying tank armed with cannons and covered in walls. It is were bigger, definitely a would be Pokemon’s weapon of war.


9. Ho-oh

The poster child of the Gold version. Ho-oh is the phoenix in the Poekmon world. It is gigantic, elegant, and quite a view to behold. I remember having a difficult time catching this things because of the damn tower I had to climb. And I remember how my brother spent my only Masterball on it…. good times.


8. Kingdra

I was never impressed by Hosea nor Seadra, but Kingdra … wow. It looks mature and elegant, but feels menacing all at the same time. It has the fierceness of Seadra but is elegant about it. And having the Dragon types being larger than 1 family line is a good thing.


7. Steelix

Steelix is is the poster boy for the Metal types. It is gignatic, all metal and shows they mean business. Onix always looked too generic for me, but Steelix has this perpetular smug grin, I love it.


6. Crobat

I always liked Goldbat, because he looked goofy and kind of cool. But Crobat really made him a looker. Crobat now seems faster, more precise, and in a way better than Golbat in every way. And he evolves with love, that is pretty cute.


5. Lugia

Lugia, aka the Guardian of the Sea … according to the movie. It is a flying psychic dinosaur, how epic is that. It was proablby the movie that got me so excite about this Pokemon if we’re being honest.


4. Ampharos

Ampharos is one of those Pokemon I thought was really cool for no real reason. I love the color palette, like the word play, and like how playful it looks. Ampharos can be a beast on the battle field as well as adorable pet.


3. Totodile

Pokemon Gold was my very first video game, and Totodile was my very first Pokemon. This is ADORABLE. Look at its eyes and and tiny arms. How can you not love that!


2. Scizor

I wasn’t too interested in Scyther, but when Scizor came out, oh boy. This thing is like a red metal ninja. Red is badass, metal is badass, and ninja is badass. Being a Metal type really made me fall in love.


1. Tyranitar

This is Pocket Godzilla. Being a pseudo-legendary force of mass destruction. Ever since I laid my eyes on this guy, I had him on every party I ever made, and it was great.


I hope you liked this one. What are some of your favorites from Gen 2?


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Gen 2 Pokemon

  1. HAHAHAHA I remember wasting your masterball. Great times!

    I remember I got to the top of the tower and immediately used a master ball without saving and without telling you. I told you AFTER I used it!!! HAHAHAHAHA


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