Character Talk: Alvin from the Witcher

So this one is going to be all spoilers and theories, limited to the Witcher 1. The spoiler could ruin the main antagonist and the story twist, you have been warned!


I did the review of Witcher 1 couple of weeks ago, linked right here~. In the game, there is this one thing that is pretty huge that is left unanswered. Where did the magic boy Alvin go?


To refresh your memory, Alvin is this boy that has incredible magic powers that Geralt rescues in chapter 1 of the game. Through out the game, Alvin follows Geralt in one way or another, and Geralt and Alvin starts to form a almost father-son relationship. Geralt sees part of himself in Alvin as he has magic powers and people fear him for it. Throught the game, Geralt can give various life lessons to Alvin, such as whether to hide his powers to fit in, or use them as a gift to save the masses.


In chapter 3, Geralt give Alvin a pendant from Triss. Triss, being almost his mother figure, is well aware of Alvin’s uncontrollable powers. To give him better controil over them, she gives him a Dimeritium Pendant. Alvin was at first hesitant to wear it, but seeing Geralt his a pendant of his own, the Witcher pendant, he wears it proudly and daily.


In chapter 4, chaos breaks out in the peaceful town of Murky Waters. The Order soldiers and Scoia’tael engage in bloody combat. Being terrified to death, Alvin uses his magic to disappear before Geralt could reach him. And this is the last time you actually see him. When Geralt talks to Triss about this, she tells him Alvin could be anywhere, possibly at a different point time.


In Chapter 5, Geralt meets the true antagonist of the game, Jacques de Aldersberg, the leader of the Order and self-proclaimed savior of mankind. He complicates a lot of things, and is the source for most of the theories. He is a powerful mage that is hellbent on taking over the country and march everyone south to save humanity. He came to this conclusion based on these visions he has. He is very familiar with Geralt, although Geralt does not meet him until the final chapter. He wants to create super humans, based on Witcher Mutagens, and want Geralt to lead them to salvation.



The theory is this, Alvin and Jacques is the one and the same. When Alvin disappeared in Chapter 4, he went back in time and grew up to be Jacques of present. Evidences are as follows:

  • Jacques is familiar with Geralt. Sure a lot of people know Geralt for being the White Wolf, the gray haired Witcher. But Jacques was confident that he knew Geralt very intimately. And from the things Jacques says, it is easy to see that Jacques wants to join forces with Geralt, hell, he wants Geralt to be his champion.
  • In the epilogue, Jacques says very similar things to what Geralt said to Alvin. For example, if Geralt told Alvin to keep his powers secret, Jacques will say something like “you know how hard it was to hide my powers to git in?” But if Geralt told Alvin to use his powers for protecting others as they are a gift,  Jacques will refer to his powers as gifts.
  • The biggest evidence is probably what is found on Jacques dead body after he is killed. On his body, a Dimeritium Pendant is found. One almost identical to the one Geralt gave to Alvin, except it looks much older.


Even Geralt has a suspicion that Jacques is Alvin, but there is no way to know for sure. Alvin could be anywhere, anytime. Jacques could be some random guy who had powerful magic powers and is obsessed with the legendary Witcher. The creators have not accepted nor denied this theory.


Do you think Alvin is the main antagonist of the game? Do you think Geralt killed his kind of son with a silver sword? Do you think the two are not related in any way? Let me know in the comments!


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