World of Disgaea: Prinnies

These guys are the most iconic characters from the Disgaea franchise, in fact they are the series mascot! So let’s talk about these zombie penguins with peg legs.


Visually, they are very weird. They are penguins with peg legs that have bat wings on their back. They have a strange pouch in the front and strangely opaque eyes that seems to be somewhat cute. And when they talk, they always say “Dood” to end their sentence. This is very important part of their culture that it is Prinny Rule #1.


These guys are very unique from any other classes in Disgaea. Where do I start…. let’s start with their origins:

Unlike other demons, these guys are not born, but manufactured. In Disgaea 4, we get to see Hades, the Nethworld Prison where the Prinnies are manufactured and tested by Prinny Instructor Valvatorez to be shipped to their future tormentors. Prinnies who fail their training, like not say Dood, is reeducated by Valzy to say Dood. This may sound cruel, but there is a reason, I mean the slavery part, not Dood….


Prinnies are reincarnated souls of sinners. People who committed crime reborn as Prinnies to be enslaved and earn money to atone so they can be reborn. Once Prinnies did enough punishment or have enough money, they can be reincarnated during the Red Moon. This was a very memorable moment from the original Disgaea. On the day of the Red Moon, Prinnies who have atoned for their sins migrate to a location and disappear to a better lide, the one without their slave driver Etna.


Mechanically, they are also different from others. They explode when they are thrown…. yeah. These days every character has their own special abilities, but these guys blew up when thrown even before that abilities thing was incorporated.


As popular as they are, there are man variations and unique Prinnies, here are some of them:

Prinny Laharl

Prinny Asagi

Prinny Kurtis

Fuuka – She is a failed Prinny

And who can forget Prinny Baal. Sure he looks like every other Prinny, but look at his HP, it goes beyond the text space!! Sorry I could not find a better pic….


It is mentioned by Flonne that Prinnies are not exclusive to Netherworlds, and that Celestia also has Prinnies. Unlike their Netherworld counterparts, Celesta Prinnies have better working conditions as well as better wages.


Well, that’s what I have you regarding these guys. Do you like Prinnies? Do you like to use them in battle? Comment below and let me know!!



4 thoughts on “World of Disgaea: Prinnies

    1. That sir, is a good question. I personally don’t think stats are good indicator of their strength as different games treat stats and level differently, even more variable with the Stronger Enemy Bill. In terms of presence and fear presented, I think Prinny Baal is stronger. Baal is fear as Overlord of all Overlord, and I believe every incarnation of Prinny Baal has been stronger than regular Baal, this I think is pretty consistent. I hope this remotely answers your question!


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