Top 10 Favorite Gen 3 Pokemon

Here is my list for Gen 3! I still remember my mom picking me and my brother up from school and surprised us with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire versions! That was a great  day, and continued my experience of Pokemon.

Here is the link to Gen 1 list and Gen 2 List.

Let’s get this started!


10. Sharpedo


Who does’t like sharks? I was actually surprised that it took Pokemon this long to actually have a shark based creature in the game. To boot Sharpedo is a Dark type one of my favorite types!


9. Shedinja

I like Ghost types and Shedinja is probably the weirdest one. There is a trick to get him, and it is cool that one Pokemon becomes two, with the abandoned shell becomes a wraith of a sort.


8. Banette

Puppets and dolls are creepy. That is where Banette comes from, horror movie staples. Banette is born from abandoned dolls. They have zippers for mouth and creepy red eyes, love it.


7. Wailord

What more do I need to say? It’s a giant freaking blue whale.


6. Flygon

Were you disappointed that Yanma from Gen 2 was not bug based dragon? Well Flygon is here to fill that void. Flygon is a ground-dragon based on insect. It also has really cool goggle like membrane over it’s eyes like a pilot. Awesome design!


5. Metagross

Metagross is a supercomputer golem. Its pretty cool its legs are actually Beldum bodies. This thing is a psychic tank, even looks like a tank. Can never go wrong with this one.


4. Salamence

I always thought Dragonite was too nice looking, too cute. I guess Game Freak heard my thought since they made this angry looking fire breather. This is what I expect a classical western dragon to look like. Fast and powerful, Salamence is considered to be one of the strongest Pokemon by many. Fire and Blood!


3. Deoxys

Alien Pokemon, love that concept. Transforming to adapt. love that concept. DNA inspired design. lover that concept. It thought Deoxys was a worth successor to Mewtwo, being that they are both genetic inspired psychic Pokemon. Look at those designs! Love it.


2. Rayquaza

It may have to do with growing up in Asia, or watching Dragon Ball as a child. Wingless Asian dragons have always been the definitive dragon for me. And this long green dragon is perfect, love it.


1. Groudon

Groudon, or as I like to call him Grondon has been the coolest thing for me in Gen 3. I guess part of it is just that it is Tyrannitar but bigger and redder. This thing made the continents, it is based on Satanic creature Behemoth, it is a freaking dinosaur. What more do you have to say? Love it.


Well, this is my list for Gen 3. I hope you liked it. What are some of your favorite Pokemon from the third Generation? Write it in the comments!!



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