SMT Digital Devil Saga 2 Retrospective

As the title would suggest, this game is a direct sequel to Digital Devil Saga 1. The game was made by Atlus for Playstation 2 in 2005, one year after the first game. Once again the character designs are by Kazuma Kaneko. This is the game that gets compared to Nocturne a lot as they are similar mechanically.



Since there are not too many characters, I will talk about characters I did not talk about last time.

Argilla is the big-sister of the group. She is the most honest member of the group and acts as the moral compass. She refuses to eat other people to sustain her strength, although this comes back and hinders her. She is a magic user through and through. She was a main stay in my party, she was awesome!


Gale is probably my favorite character. He is socially awkward and very analytical. He got okay amount of time in the first game, but he becomes more developed in the second game. His analytical attitude sometimes clash with other characters, but I like him a lot. He was a main stay in my party. He acted as secondary damage dealer as well as buffer.


Roland is a new character. He is the leader of the Rebels, but I felt like his character was least interesting. I did not use him at all in my party and I could not care about him. I did like his human and demon design though….



The setting of Digital Devil Saga 2 is completely different from the first game. We find out that the Junk Yard from the original DDS is actually a virtual program to create sophisticated AIs that mimic human behavior and emotions. At the conclusion of the original game, Serph and the team leave the Junkyard, only to find themselves in the real world, which is just as messed if not more than the Junkyard.


The real world is very post apocalyptic and seem to be almost a desert.People are becoming statues and the sun is acting in a strange behavior. The main characters are questioning what they are and where they came from, and the majority of the story is to answer the questions from the original game.



Gameplay wise, it is a lot smoother than the first game, but there are not that many differences. Biggest change being that the skill system is better. Remember how the first game’s tree was very linear, this one is in shape of a web, making learning new skills much less frustrating. Sure grinding is still necessary, but it is not infuriating as before.


Another addition to this was the berserk mode. If I recall correctly, it was triggered during Full Moon Phase. During this mode, the character becomes half demon half person. All attacks become Critical Hit but it is harder to hit, and damage received are greater. It was an interesting mode, but I wish it was a larger part of the game.


-How does it hold up?-

I think it holds up very well. It plays a lot smoother than the first game, and I had a lot of fun. Although this game cannot be enjoyed fully without having played the first game. I finished both games in about 80 hours total, spending approximately 40 hours on each, which was very satisfactory. I did not go all out as I did on Nocturne, but I had fun.


Did you like this one? Which do you like better, Digital Devil Saga or Nocturne? I am curious!



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