Top 10 Favorite Gen 4 Pokemon

A little disclaimer, from Gen 4, I started to ….get a little more detached from Pokemon.

For your convenience, here are my previous lists:

Gen 1 Favorites

Gen 2 Favorites

Gen 3 Favorites



Pokemon based on Yuki Onna, sign me up! With very traditional Japanese dress inspired look, this Ghost-Ice type Pokemon is unique in both typing and look. And being inspired by folklore is always a plus for me.


9. Bonsly

I always thought Sudowoodo was cute, but making it smaller and making it look like an acorn was cute move. Still ave hard time believing that this is a Rock Pokemon.


8. Magnezone

I always liked the Magnemite line. And having it evolve beyond Magneton is great. Although I am not blown away by its design, I like the concept of Magneton + UFO.


7. Infernape

Being obviously inspired by Son Wu Kong/ Son Goku, this looks fantastic. His look tells you he is agile, strong, and …. well, Goku.


6. Regigigas

Words that describe this thing are: Titan, Continent Mover, Golem. I believe in the prehistoric times after the battle between Groudon and Kyogre, Regigas moved the continets to where they are and essentially shaped the planet. Also he is closest we are going to get to a Pokemon mecha.


5. Dusknoir

Dusclops was already creepy with those dead eyes, but now he is even bigger with more power. If Pokemon had grim reaper, I think Dusknoir would be him. And I believe his core is the black hole, correctme if I am mistaken.


4. Garchomp

I like sharks, I like dragons, and I like dinosaurs. Garchomp is all of those things and can kick major ass. Although he was never really part of my main team, I can see why people would try to fit him there. Also I heard he has some of the best stats.


3. Munchlax

If you saw my Gen 1 list, you know Snorlax is one of my favorite Pokemons, and Munchlax is like smaller cuter version of his big brother. He eats and then sleep, living the life.


2. Darkrai

Pokemon never had a really villainous looking Pokemon, but now there is Darkrai. Just look at its name. The fact that it uses nightmares and looks like death bumps it into second place!


1. Empoleon

I never hid my obsession with Steel type Pokemon. And now there is Steel type starter! And who doesn’t like emperor penguines. Empoleon has a classy design and great typing, making him my favorite from the 4th Generation of Pokemon.


So who are some of your favorites from Gen 4? Let me know in the comments!




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