Sakamoto Desu Ga Anime Review


I just finished watching this little comedy, and I had a good time. Sakamoto Desu ga is an anime adaptation of  manga series of the same name written by Sano Nami. The anime was made by Studio Deen, started in April of 2016 and ended just recently.



Sakamoto is the Cool, Cooler, Coolest man on the planet. He is …. fabulous as hell. I can see why people would say Bayonetta would be his mother. He is also genuinely nice to pretty much everyone. He does not try to be cool, he just is cool.


Kubota Yoshinobu is Sakamoto’s best friend. He seems to be the most developed character. He has an obsession with his hair, is afraid of the bullies, and gets more confident as the series goes on.


Hayabusa Shou is a second year delinquent that did not like Sakamoto in the begining but becomes friends with him later on. He is a deliquent but does not really bully people. He only uses force to assert dominance. He does not take people’s money nor harasses other needlessly. Not too bad of a guy.



The story is that Sakamoto makes everyone’s lives better by being his weird self. When I say weird, he does things like having a duel with a wasp, act like he teleported to a TV world, and so on.


ALL woman in the story have either a crush on him, or life breaking obsession for him. One of these being his best friend’s mom… yeah. Woman of all ages love him. During the sports festival, all women cheered for him instead of their sons… poor bastards. Even a lot of men have a thing for Sakamoto, and I can’t blame them.



-the Bad-

The show can start to get repetitive. By episode 3, you will know that no real damage will come to Sakamoto and everyone will end up falling in love with him. There is a maybe one or two characters that do not love Sakamoto.

The formula is that something goes wrong, Sakamoto comes up with a ridiculous solution, people fall in love with him. rinse and repeat.

The character of Sakamoto is a mystery. He is too perfect and he is not really a character, more of a Deux Ex Machina. He likes everything, and seems to be omnipotent as well. He is benevolent to everyone and likes no one in particular. Even his friendship with Kubota seems somewhat artificial, even he mentions in EPISODE 11 that he knows nothing about Sakamoto.


Like many slice-of-life anime shows, this series too tries to have a rather “epic” finale, which clashes with the rest of the show it terms of atmosphere. In the last 2 episodes, the only character that could truly be called an antagonist makes his move to undermine Sakamoto by manipulating his friends. It was okay, but I think it was little forced. To boot the villain is a man in his 30s who refuses to graduate from high school…. so it is very hard to take him seriously. Apart from the finale, the rest of the show flowed rather smoothly!


-the Good-

The show is genuinely funny. The stuff that Sakamoto does can be completely from the left field. I don’t want to spoil anything but Sakamoto and Hayabusa’s first meeting was freaking hilarious. I watched it several times over and still cannot get enough of it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the comedy of this show hit every mark it aimed for!

Sakamoto is a pretty likable guy. He does not judge others, and is willing to help just about anyone. It is also funny how he is oblivious to how EVERY female being in the world has crush on him. Although his character is a bit flat (I will talk about this in the later section) he is very likable.


Apart from the last episodes, the the atmosphere of the show is fantastic. As it is a lighthearted comedy show, it made sure that the show never got too dark. Hell, they even made being bullied entertaining to watch. And the stuff Sakamoto does is always so out of the box, it keeps you guessing what he is going to do next.



  • Will I watch it again? Probably in part, most likely on Youtube
  • Do I recommend it? Yeah. It was genuinely funny
  • Overall thoughts? It was good, I liked it a lot.

If you like wacky comedies, fabulous character, and Japanese weirdness, this is for you. If you’ve seen this show, what did you think of it? Please leave your comments below!!



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