Metal Gear Survive Trailer Thoughts

For those not aware, I am talking about this article I read this morning, the article I read and this video are from IGN:


All parts of me are hating Konami ever since the whole Kojima debacle, but I hoped Metal Gear would still be something, it was Kojima’s brain child after all. So when I heard Konami will make more Metal Gear games, I just hoped they wold be decent.


What I expected is…. well not this. I am not saying this looks terrible, but… I am really confused. This seems so very generic and something that was designed in a marketing meeting. So… let me try to explain what I gathered from the article and the video:

You play as one of Big Boss’s soldiers after the events of Ground Zeroes. You are left behind on the tower that is falling apart, and a wormhole shows up and teleports your character to an alternate universe where there are crystal zombies. Now you and a team has to use stealth to survive this zombie apocalypse and fight what sounds to be a Metal Gear.


As people have been saying already, this sounds like a Left 4 Dead game rather than Metal Gear game. Is this so out of left field? Well, in the past, there have been zombies in MGSV: Phantom Pain, hell, there were even vampires in MGS2 and MGS4. And there was co-op in MGS Peace Walker and in every version of Metal Gear Online. There has been survival elements in MGS3 with hunting for food and patching yourself up. There has been wormholes, almost as a joke, in MGSV:PP in form of a fulton system. There are even alternative universe as shown in Metal Gear Acid series.

The main Metal Gear series has a lot of things possibly weirder than what we’ve seen here: tropical jungle in Russia, photosynthetic ancient sniper, telekinetic BDSM man reading your memory card, an arm mind controlling a quadruple agent, there is coke drinking hairless¬†monkey in a diaper, the Boss returns as a nuclear detergent AI, there is a bomb in a¬†vagina, and I can keep going. But all these things somehow brought the focus back, worked with the rest of series both mechanically and story-wise.


I think the problem is that this is the first full Metal Gear game after Kojima’s departure and it looks nothing like a Metal Gear game. Little while ago, I read an article on GameRant about Konami wanting to win its fans back, is this what they were referring to when they said that?


The biggest problem many people and I have with this is the Metal Gear name attached to it. If this was a new IP and not a Metal Gear game, it would not have gotten the negative hit it would have, since it is a new IP which the world needs right now. But because Konami is Konami and they suck, they attached the Metal Gear brand to this. Given their toxic history with the series creator Hideo Kojima, I don’t think this was the right decision. If they just remade the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake using the Fox Engine, I think if would’ve won some fans back. But it is what it is.



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