One Piece Arc-by-Arc part 7: Alabasta Arc

This is going to be a big one.



Here, we see the elites of the Baroque Works. Mr. 0 AKA Crocodile is one of the Shichibukai as well as the head of the Baroque Works. Below him is Ms. Allsunday AKA Nico Robin, Mr. 0′s righthand woman. More on Baroque Works available here. 


In Alabasta, we meet Portgas D. Ace AKA the Fire Fist. He is the commander of Whitebead’s, one of the most powerful pirates in the world, second corp. Whitebeard is one of the Yonkou, aka the Four Emperors. Also, he is Luffy’s older brother.


After the events of Drum Kingdom, we see Mr. 2 arrive in Little Garden to eliminate Mr. 3 for his failure, only to find he is too late. But a little later, he meets the Straw Hat pirates. Not knowing who they are, Mr. 2 befriends them and show off his Devil Fruit power, the Copy Copy Fruit, which lets him copy anyone’s face.


Right as they part ways, the crew finds out that was indeed Mr. 2, and that one of the faces he was showing off was King Cobra, the king of Alabasta. Now that they know Mr. 2′s power, the crew tie cloth around their forearm to distinguish from Mr. 2.


While the Straw Hats are arriving in Alabasta, Smoker, who is chasing Luffy since Rogue Town, sees Portgas D. Ace and attempts to arrest him. Following food, Luffy walks into their fight. Ace rescues Luffy from Smoker and then offers the Straw Hats to be part of Whitebeard’s crew, but obviously Luffy decline’s his brother’s offer. As a parting present Ace takes down the nearby Baroque Agent ships and give Luffy a Vivre Card.

While this is going on, all of the top agent of the Baroque Works has been summoned to meet their boss in person for the first time. They were shocked to learn they were working for a pirate, a Shichibukai at that. Crocodile tells them his grand plan, and things start to take motion. This grand plan include destroying a country via a civil war.


Returnign back to the Straw Hats, they are on their way to city of Yuba, and on their way they discuss what happened in the country with Dance Powder,  a device that calls forth rain from another region, it steals rain. And Baroque Works used that to taint Alabasta’s name both domestically and internationally. Then they arrive in the city of Yuba, a city that is struck by gigantic sandstorm on a daily basis, literally. And here, we find out that the leader of the Rebellion is Princess Vivi’s childhood friend, Koza. From there, the Crew move to Rainbase, Baroque Works HQ.


At Rainbase, the Crew runs into Smoker and Tashigi, and Vivi gets separated from the rest. While being chased by Smoker, Luffy and co ends up captured by Crocodile, and Vivi is at mercy of Miss All Sunday. And while all this is happening, rest of the Baroque Works begun started to carry out their orders and is plunging Alabasta further into chaos with Mr. 2 pretending to be King Cobra, Vivi’s father and Mr.1 destroying parts of the capital. And this chaos jump starts the Rebellion’s revolution to full on civil war.


Crocodile decides that it is about time he leaves to be present in the front seat for collapse of a country and leaves the Crew to die. Crocodile floods the basement where they are located in and releases, you guessed it, crocodiles. Then Sanji, going by Mr. Prince, infiltrates the base and lures the bad guys out and rescues the Crew. After escaping the Baroque Works HQ, the Crew heads straight to the capital, then out of nowhere, Crodile’s hook snatches Vivi. As she is about to be lost forever, Luffy quickly switches Vivi with himself and the first battle between Straw Hat Luffy and Shichibukai Crocodile starts.


Unfortunately for Luffy, he is completely outclassed by Crocodile. To humiliate him even further, Crocodile neds the battle by sanding another sandstorm, bigger than ever before, to Yuba. And all Luffy can do is to watch as he bleeds from Crocodile’s hook. Fortunately for Luffy, at the very last second, he finds out that water makes Crocodile vulnerable to attacks. After Crocodile throws Luffy into a quicksand, Miss All Sunday secretly rescues him in hoping to find out what drives the “Will of D”, and no, that is not a penis joke.


With exception of Luffy, rest of the Crew starts their battle against the elites of Baroque Works and starts the biggest battle the Straw Hat Crew has ever done. And they start this battle with great expressions! Here is the battle roster:

  • Zoro vs Mr.1
  • Nami vs. Miss Double Finger
  • Sanji vs Mr. 2
  • Usopp and Chopper vs Mr.4 and Miss Merry Christmas

Surprise, surprise, the Straw Hat pirates come out victorious with ALL of those battles! Now the only elites left are Crocodile and Miss All Sunday. who are at the Alabasta palace torturing King Cobra the whereabouts of a secret document, Pluton. Oh, and to put cherry on top of this delightfully evil plan, Crocodile planted a bomb at the heart of the city to wipe out both the royal army and the Rebellion forces.


While This torture is happening, the leader of the Rebellion, Koza infiltrates the palace and sees what is happening: the king is being tortured by the hero of the country, and that hero is the one who stole Alabasta’s rain, and that this whole revolution was a farce made by one man, Crocodile. With help of Vivi and co, Koza escapes the scene and surrenders to the royal amry in hopes to end this meaningless war. When he goes up to his army to annouce the surrender, he is shot by a hidden Baroque Works agent in the royal army and the Rebellion continues.


Luffy, sound and well, arrives at the scene for a rematch, this time he has water. While Luffy is taking on Crocodile, the rest of Crew splits up to locate the hidden bomb. Crocodile, who has been invulnerable to all manners to attack, is now on the ground bleeding and hope returns, only disappear as Luffy loses to Crocodile for the second time. Fortunately, this water Luffy shot at Crocodile missed and went straight up, and in time of need, came back down and re-hydrated Luffy to fighting condition. While the fight was going on, Miss All Sunday relcated King Cobra to the secret basement where “True History” is recorded.


Miss All Sunday and King Cobra reach the Poneglyph, giant stone cubes that contain the “True History”. Soon Crocodile arrives as well. Miss All Sunday reads Poneglyph only to find out it has no information regarding secret weapon Pluton. Disappointed, Crocodile decides Miss All Sunday, aka Nico Robin, is no longer needed and attempts to kill her. During this battle, Cobra activates the self destruct sequence of the temple and now everything is collapsing around these 3 people. Luffy arrives at the scene and challenges Crocodile for third and final time. While Luffy vs Crocodile 3 is happening, the Crew locates the bomb.


After very long and EPIC fight, ultimately Luffy stands victorious. The bomb is stopped with help of the marines and supposed death of one of the side characters, Pell/Peru.  And like all good fairy tails, once evil is defeated, peace returns. After Crocodile is sent flying into the sky by Luffy, the rain returns to Alabasta and the revolution stops. Crocodile is charged with a list of crimes and is sentenced to prison at Impel Down. With last ounces of strength left, Luffy rescues injured Cobra and Nico Robin, then faints. Cobra carries Luffy to his Crew and they all pass out. Marines, being indebted to the Crew does not arrest them, and the Alabasta arc is fianlly over.


With all this chaos calmed, the Straw Hats take refuge at the Royal Palace. They celebrate with a lot of eating, some ecchi fan service, and a lot of partying. After a bit, they get a call from “Bon” saying that he took custody of the Going Merry, Luffy’s ship because there were marines everywhere. Bon turns out to be Mr. 2 and claims that he refomed and is now their friends. Having no choice but to trust him, the Crew sans Vivi flees the palace. As Bon Clay mentioned, the harbors are all lined with marine under the supervision of Hina the Black Cage. Being true to his words and friendship, Bon Clay sacrifices himself to secure a safe passage for the Luffy Pirates.


The Luffy Pirates go to a predetermined location to see if Vivi wants to join their crew. Through a touching speech, she tells them her place is here with the kingdom and says goodbye. The Luffy Pirates show her that they still consider her a friend and ally and heads for a new adventure!


Oh and …. Nico Robin was on Going Merry and asks to join the Crew.



Oh boy this was a long one. In my opinion, this is one of the most important arc in One Piece. This really marked the Luffy pirates from no longer being some rookie nobodys to the group that took down a Shichibukai. This is my favorite arc in One Piece so far and I wanted to spend some quality time going over the chapters.

I hope you guys liked it!

Next up, Mock Town!



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