Top 10 Worst Moms in Manga and Anime

Since I did Top 10 Worst Dads in Manga and Anime, I thought it would be fair to do this one. There are some spoilers here, so be warned!

Thank you to those who gave me suggestions! Upon reading the manga and watching the anime, here is the list! Please note that I have not seen every manga and anime ever created.

10. Azami Haruko from Rikudou0

I guess the best way to describe her being here is …. filthy. She is addicted to drugs, and lets the drug dealer do whatever he wants in their house. One time where she begged him for drugs, he told her she has to suck his dick in front of her already-traumatized child. Without hesitating, she starts blowing this man in front of her son, doubtlessly traumatizing him even further for rest of his life. And while this dealer beats her son, she does absolutely nothing.

9. Senjougahara Hitagi’s Mother

When her daughter came down a weird syndrome, her mother turned to a suspicious cult and letting them in there house. One of the members of this cult tried to rape Senjougahara Hitagi, the heroine, and she resisted and hurt the assailant. But because of this, now the cult holds Senjougahara household responsible for financial compensation. And for one reason or another, she ditches the family and leaves the huge debt to be paid by her husband. I don’t think we ever hear from her again.

8. Mayu’s Mother from Elfin Lied

Image result for elfen lied mayu mother

Mayu has a messed up life. Let’s start off with her step father raping her since she was little. And when she tells her mother about this, not only does she not believe her daughter’s serious accusation, she slaps Mayu and starts treating her as a sexual rival. Would turning a blind eye to your daughter’s multiple rapes from your husband be considered sexual assault? I think it should be, and she fucking sucks.

7. Ookuma Midori from Oyasumi Punpun

Not technically a mom, but an aunt. She is from a manga called Oyasumi Punpun, a story about rather dark and messed up like of Punpun, from his childhood to adulthood. Punpun’s mom always neglected him, and she was pretty close to being his caretaker. She married Punpun’s uncle. But when he disappeared due to personal issues, she got lonely and raped her underage nephew, Punpun. She is a rare case in anime of a female rapist. She is still part of his family, and Punpun grows up and resents her for this. He and his uncle’s relationship is still good (the uncle was told what happened by Midori) but it is very awkward. To be fair, I have not finished the series, but I don’t see how raping your underage nephew can be redeemed.

6. Akagi Naoko

Image result for evangelion akagi naoko

I had a hard time placing her on this list. While she never sexually harassed her daughter Ritsuko, she did blame Ritsuko for not being able to find a man. She had a major crush on Gendou and saw little girl Rei as a sexual rival. Yes, she was jealous of a little girl because Gendou likes her better. And this resulted in her strangling little Rei to death. Postmortem, her brain was used to create NERV’s super computer. And during the endgame, Ritsuko decided to selfdestruct the whole place killing her and Gendo together. Alas, Mom betrays daughetr and lets Gendou kill Ritsuko, with Ritsuko realizing that Naoko loved Gendou more than her own daughter. Letting your child die for a man who could care less about you is just messed up and down right pathetic.

5. Marienne vi Britannia from Code Geass

She is portrayed as a good character early in the series, and her husband Charles is the main villain. But it turns out the two have been working together from the beginning, and she is just as evil and messed up as her husband. She seems to be okay with her children being exiled, humiliated, and one of them being crippled. She only wants her goals to be accomplished even if it means getting rid of her children.

4. Big Mom from One Piece

She is a very new character in One Piece at this point, but already is making lasting impressions. The first real time you see her, she is so hungry to the point where she EATS and KILLS one of her sons. I repeat, she killed her son because she was hungry for candy. This is a rare case of family cannibalism as well as regular cannibalism. The reason she is not higher on the list is because she is not aware of her actions during the frenzy….

3. Amano Rea from Mirai Nikki

This mom looks and acts friendly but is seriously messed up. She was over controlling to her child to a point where she literally measured every aspect of her daughter’s life as well as locking up her daughter in cage. You know how Yuno is bat-shit insane? She is the reason why. Yuno finally broke and decided to trap her parents in the cage and let them starve to death, rather fitting end.

2. Medusa from Soul Eater

Child neglect, child abuse, child experimentation, and psychological torture are just some of the things this mom has abused her gender confused child Crona. Yeah kid who is always putting his/her life in danger to do her dirty work is her own child. And Crona’s weapon Ragnorak (which is a really cool sword btw) is an experimental blood she transfused into Crona as a human test. Crona wants to be accepted by Medusa only to be disappointed time and time again, and Crona’s loyalty starts to wain once Crona realizes that Medusa sucks, only to be brainwashed back into Medusa’s control.

1. Kiryuin Ragyo from Kill La Kill

Where do I start with this one. Let’s start from beginning, she bore children as test subjects, and experimented on all her children, only to deem them as useless failures. And on occasions, she molests her daughters as well as brainwashing them against their friends. And remember when she literally trashed her child almost as soon as she was born because she was a “defect”?

Sorry for taking so long to create this list, I know some people were looking forward to it. I hope you enjoyed reading this one, I had fun writing this. It was so much harder to find terrible anime/manga moms than dads. Let me know in the comments who think think are terrible mothers!


32 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Moms in Manga and Anime

      1. I agree she is a great villain, but a terrible mom. But I don’t think that excuses her for being a terrible parent. I do agree with you, but I find this very interesting!

        Gendou is on the side of heroes for the most part, but still a terrible dad. While the villains of Gankutsuo: the Count of Monte Cristo were all horrible people, but most of them, especially the main antagonist, valued his family above all else.

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      2. Yeah, although by accident, I think he beats Chichi quite frequently. Hell, he knocked her out during a tournament near the end of Dragonball. And he always ditches his kid on Picolo.

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  1. There are some truly dreadful mother’s on this list. I’ve often wondered why so many anime characters have such truly horrible parents and this list just makes me wonder all the more.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Only thing I can think of is, damaged characters are more interesting to follow. I mean the whole cast of Straw Hats from One Piece all have terrible past, not nessarily regarding parents, but just bad. I guess the rule of thumb is either parents are terrible, or dead…. this is getting dark 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Damaged characters definitely give a lot more room to be interesting but there are some characters with sane and supportive parents who still manage to be interesting. Now I want to think about a list of good parents in anime.

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  2. Oh man…I totally blocked out that Elfen Lied part :””D
    This is a great list, tho haven’t seen them all, they sound like really trashy moms, and should all rot in a pile!

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  3. Picks 10 – 7 are fight worthy. If I had opportunity I would drag every single one of these woman. smh
    Not that the others are any better. But you definitely did an good job at painting their horrendous behavior. I felt the tragedy. I am only familiar with Soul eater, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Elfin Lied. and I still felt the distress.

    Nice job

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  4. This is a fantastic list of horrid mothers, the elfen lied mom was a great example I nearly totally forgot about her been took long since I’ve seen the anime lol your number one choice I have not seen kill la kill and def deserves the spot more than medusa, I’ll look forward when I actually see the anime one of these days XD

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    1. I liked Kill la Kill. I do think Medusa is more interesting villain, but Ragyo was the worse mom. The anime was done by guys who did Gurren Laggan, and the show itself does feel like Gurren Laggan’s little sister. There is a LOT of fanservice, but if you are okay with that and you like Gurren Laggan, you might like it.

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  5. Great list. I was looking forward to reading this. I despised Marienne from Code Geass. Also I think that the Queen Dowager from “Kingdom” is also a strong candidate for this list. She wants to assassinate her own son, and even chose her lover over her own son so they could take away the throne. So despicable. Anyway, thanks for submitting this to my blog carnival. Keep it up. Cheers!

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