World of One Piece: Marine Admirals

It has been awhile since I blabbed about One Piece, so here we go.

The pride and the might of the Marines in the world of One Piece, the three admirals. These soldiers are so powerful they can change landscape and weather of an island permanently. They can also summon Buster Call, an island destroying maneuver, at will. They don’t take orders from many people, exceptions being the Gorosei of the World Government (link here) and the Fleet Admiral.


Quick mention of Punk Hazard. This island, appearing prior to the Dressrosa Arc, is divided in half. One side is boiling hot and spewing lava everywhere, while the other half is frozen wasteland where things freeze to death. Why is this island like this? It is because Akainu and Aokiji had a duel there, and this island’s landscape forever changed. Moving on, let’s talk about the admirals.


Kuzan aka Aokiji (the Blue Pheasant) is my favorite of the original three. He is one that made the most contact with the Straw Hats as well as the readers. Probably youngest of the admirals, Aokiji has the power of the Chilly Chilly Fruit, a Logia fruit that turns him into living being of ice. After the time skip he has left the Marines due to his conflict with Akainu and is planning to join hands with Blackbeard.

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Borsalino aka Kizaru (the Yellow Monkey) is probably the chillest member of the admirals. He has made the least impression on the Crew as well as the readers since he only appeared a few times, mainly on Sabaody Archipelago and the War of the Greatest. He has the Glint Glint Fruit which makes him man made of pure light. He is exceptionally fast, the speed of light to be precise, and extremely powerful. 

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Sakazuki aka Akainu (the Red Dog) is probably the most up tight member of the admirals. Akainu is hated by the Straw Hats for killing Ace as well as killing survivors of Ohara during Robin’s flashback. He is ruthless and follower of absolute justice: if you are not just, you are evil. He has the power of Magma Magma Fruit, making him a being of molten lava, which trumps over Ace’s fire. After the timeskip and his duel with Aokiji, he was promoted to Fleet Admiral, the highest position and the head of Marines. 

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Issho  aka Fujitora (the Purple Tiger)is the newest member of the Admirals. He is blind and does not come from Marine background. He believes that the way World Governemnt runs things, by by extention the Marines, is fundamentally flawed. He believes that World Governemnt should not be treating itself as god and be omnipotent as it is now. He also wants to abolish the Shichibukai system as he sees no benefit from it, and can you really blame him? He often butts head with Sakazuki, his boss, as their view on justice are incompatible. He is ht eonly one so far who is an admiral and does not have a Logia power. He has the power of Gravity Gravity Fruit which lets him manipulate gravity and summon meteors. He has high respect and something similar to empathy towards Luffy. 

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Ryokugyu aka the Green Bull is another Admiral that joined after the Timeskip. S/he has not made an appearance as of yet in the manga.

Image result for Ryokugyu

I hope you liked this breakdown!


9 thoughts on “World of One Piece: Marine Admirals

  1. I just starting watching One Piece about 6 months ago, I’m currently on the tail end of the Water 7 Arc. I was pretty surprised how powerful Aokiji was against all of the Strawhats. I haven’t seen them get dominated so bad, since the first encounter with Enel in Skypia. I’m really enjoying my time with the show, but it sure is a commitment! 500+ episodes to go and I’m all caught up!

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    1. Aokiji is a freaking monster and how Robin is terrified of him is completely justified. Unlike the battle with Enel, it seemed that the entire Strawhats stood no chance, and Aokiji barely tried. Glad you are enjoying it! In my opinion it gets better and better!!


      1. Yeah thats true, atleast with Enel, Luffy did have an advantage over him by being a rubberman. Come to think of it, CP9 really looked overwhelming for the Strawhats in their initial encounter. I agree with it getting better, It’s been 250+ episodes for me and I’m still excited about it, usually fatigue is a factor with long shows, but One Piece is really fun to watch and I’m hooked!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Aokiji rocks! Fujitora’s great too since he has a more “right” sense of justice rather than the unyielding justice of Akainu. Ooooooh. My blood boils whenever I think of him. My favourite is Aokijo, and I can’t wait to see how he’s doing now. He was so cool when he made an appearance at Punk Hazard and saved his friend Smoker from Doflamingo.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes. I think he’s just there to spy or see the real underground world with his own eyes. We’ll see how it goes. I hope that he allies with the Straw Hats. The Film Z movie was awesome. I loved him there!

        Liked by 1 person

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