Character Talk: Letho

“Initially, she watched my every move. But, sooner or later, everyone starts treating me like a big oaf. I mean, I can’t change how I look.” – Letho on Witch Sile

Letho is the main antagonist of the second Witcher game, the Witcher 2: Assissins of Kings. He is the one that killed King Foltest and jump started the plot of the game. As he is the main antagonist of the game, I will be spoiling the end of the Witcher 2. SPOILER WARNING!!


He, like Geralt, is a Witcher. But unlike Geralt, he is from School of Viper and is one of the last remaining members from that school. Viper School is more or less known for having various knowledge unknown to others, especially regarding the Wild Hunt. As far as I am aware, the Viper School was introduced in the games and do not make an appearance in the novels. 


Physically speaking, Letho is gigantic. He is Geralt’s Bane, he is smart and built like a mountain. Due to his Witcher training, he is fast as hell and extremely agile. I am sure he also has mastery of Signs just like Geralt does. Needless to say he is a master swordsman as well. Some believe that Viper School focused on short swords as many Witchers from there use it, but some also think it is just Letho’s preference.


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Throughout the entirety of the second game, Letho does not see Geralt as enemy, rather an old friend that decided to get in the way. He never intended to harm Geralt, hell, he didn’t even know Geralt was going to be involved in this mess. He is doing things he does not want to do for a person he does not care for, he is not too involved in his cause.


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Letho plays an important part in Geralt’s life; unfortunately, Geralt forgot about him. He was the one who helped Geralt chase down the Wild Hunt when they kidnapped Yennefer of Vengerberg, love of his life. He witnessed Geralt exchanging his life for hers and joining the Hunt. And he and his troop nursed and took care of her. And from the sound of it, Yennefer caused a lot of trouble for Letho acting like a spoiled pretentious witch everywhere they went. He was with her until he was captured along side her by the Nilfgaardian army, where he made a deal to do the emperor’s bidding in exchange for being able to rebuild the Viper School of Witchers.


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His reluctance regarding fighting Geralt is seen until the very final confrontation of the game. In the end game, he is waiting for Geralt and offers Geralt the option of not fighting and going separate ways. During this, Letho also says since this is likely the last time they will ever meet again, he says he will answer all of Geralt’s questions. And the coolest thing happens, a huge list of questions you thought of through out the game shows up! And Letho will answer all of them to best of his knowledge! I never seen this happen in a game! It is really nerdy, but I thought it was great. And after all the questioning, I could not bring myself to fight this guy, so I let him go. And the final boss of the game leaves the scene and the game ends. I always liked Witcher quests where violence is the lesser interesting of the solutions.


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In my opinion, Letho is in very similar shoes as Geralt in terms of legacy. Witchers are a dying breed that no one mourns for. In the beginning of the first Witcher game, Leo, the youngest Witcher of School of Wolf, dies during the intro. His death more or less marked the end of Wolf School. The Wolf School does not have anymore young apprentices, everyone hats Witchers, and Geralt has more things to worry about than finding young boys to mutate. The Viper School faces the same problem, except Letho, unlike Geralt, wants to continue the tradition of their endangered kind. He was even a hope by Nilfgaard’s Emperor to revive the school in exchange for his service. How can you blame Letho for not taking it? He is offered to extend Witchers’ existence. To me, his actions made sense, and to kill him means to turning your back to fellow Witchers, so I let him go.

From what I heard, depending on the decisions made in Witcher 2, he makes an appearance in Witcher 3.

Do you like Letho? Do you think he deserves to die for the things he did? I hope you liked this one!



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