Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge Anime Review

Also known as Tanaka-kun is always Listless, is an anime adaptation of Uda Nozomi’s slice of life manga series. The anime started April of 2016 and just finished recently. The anime was made by Silver Link. I watched this show on Crunchyroll, so check there if you are interested.



Tanaka is the titular protagonist. I thought Oreki from Hyouka was actively lazy, but this guy makes Oreki look like he is a generic shonen hero. He wants to be lazy and nothing else. He is physically weak and is usully seen slumped on his desk or being carried around by Ohta. He finds most of his classmates as potential annoyance.


Image result for ohta tanaka

Ohta is like Tanaka’s husbando, except he is a guy and best friend. His relationship to Tanaka feels more like old married couple than 2 young men who are friends. Unlike Tanaka, Ohta is very diligent and physically active. And he cares for Tanaka so much that Ohta is usally seen carrying Tanaka around almost everywhere as shown above.


Miyano is the tiny adorable creature that thinks Tanaka is really cool for some reason. She sees Tanaka as this mature adult who is over this youth stuff, rather than just being plain lazy. She is sweet in every way: she is kind, diligent, and literally makes sweets.



Shiraishi is the kind of heroine. She is a classic nerd-transformed-to-beauty and is hellbent on keeping her nerdy side secret. The fact that Tanaka recognized both sides of her gave her a crush on Tanaka, although he recognizes by her boob size. So she is now competing against Ohta for the best waifu/husbando position for Tanaka, and only she is aware of this.


Echizen is not-so-delinquent delinquent. She puts up a tough act, but she is such a softy and heart straight from Eldorado that everyone wonders why she even tries to pull off this delinquent act. She is more or less the waifu for Miyano as you can see how close they are in the pic above. She’s cute and they’re cute. Initially, she hated Tanaka for being a bad influence on Miyano, because Miyano wanted to be “mature” like Tanaka to impress Echizen…. aren’t they a cute duo?



Image result for tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge

This being a slice of life, there is not much of a story around, even for a slice of life. Tanaka is lazy and that is about it. I really want to say more about the show, but this one barely even has a premise.


-the Good-

Visually, the style is unique enough that it stands apart from some of the more generic shows from KyoAni like K-On or Tamak-Market, let’s face it, they look almost identical. The pastel colors of the show are easy on the eyes, look great, and complement the nature of the show very well.


Image result for tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge

The girls of the series are what kept me coming back. Miyano is so bright and energetic I can’t help but get energized. Shiraishi pathetic attempt to get Tanaka to notice her are interesting to watch as she slowly starts losing hope. Echizen misinterprets almost everything people say to her, Ohta wants to talk to her, she gets the idea that he wants to ask her out.


-the Bad-

If anything, this show is relaxing, but maybe a little too relaxing. There were parts in multiple episodes that I was so bored by. Everything is in pastel colors, music is meh, and nothing of value truly happens and it get borderline unbearable.


Image result for tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge

I am not fan of the protagonist. Tanaka is…. well a terrible character. He is lazy and causes hassles for Ohta, who takes Tanaka’s shit like an idiot. I have no idea how this guy has friend. He is by far the least interesting character in the entire show. And let’s talk about Ohta, he is barely a character, he exists to be Tanaka’s horse. If Tanaka is removed from the scene, Ohta literally has nothing to live for, like that time everyone thougtht Tanaka had a girlfriend.



  • Will I rewatchit? No, nothing here is worth revisiting. Although I will check out the manga as it seem to fit better as a manga.
  • Do I recommend it? No, there are so many other series that does everything so much better. Want a lazy protagonist that is interesting: Hyouka. Want a relaxed but still hilarious experience: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Want high schoolers goofing about mundane things: Lucky Star.


-Concluding Thoughts-

Image result for tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge

From what is said above, it seems like I hated the show, I did not. It was relaxing, by that I mean too relaxing. I was never excited, had my heart beat, or even laughed out loud. If this show was a color, it would be beige, it does its job to be great wallpaper but you would not paint your nails to be that. I do not regret watching it, not one bit, just wish it was more fun.


Have you seen this and think I am a lunatic? Either way, I hope you enjoyed it!



4 thoughts on “Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge Anime Review

    1. I wanted to like it more, and I still do, but it was too relaxing. I am reading the manga now and with me having the pacing control, it is a tad better. But I would rather watch Nozaki-kun than Tanaka for comedy though.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I think Tanaka is really cute, I have no idea why because I definitely see where you’re coming from! :’D
    But it’s so peaceful and sweet, like a hug after a tough day, so I liked it for those reasons. I also like tat Tanaka isn’t a hero, or any of those, he just wants a peaceful life, and I so agree with him!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree that the show is very cute and relaxing. I think it was just a tad too relaxing for me though. I am reading the manga at the moment, and I think it is tad more exciting since the pacing depends on my reading. Glad you are enjoying it!!


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