Nintendo Switch First Impression

Let me say this first so it is very clear, I want Nintendo and the Switch to do extremely well, I am fan of their IPs and hope nothing but good for them. That said it would be a lie if I did not have my concerns.

For those of you unaware, Nintendo recently announced their new console coming out, here is their trailer:


So here are my concerns:

  • The console game on the go concept

    • Please refresh me if I am remembering inaccurately, wasn’t this what the Wii U was suppose to be? And was not?
    • My concern for this is because…. well that was what PS Vita tried and to a degree succeeded in doing, and that was how it ultimately failed
    • Additionally, games made BOTH for PS Vita and the PS4 almost always suffers from being made for PS Vita and looks terrible on PS4 like Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth did. The only games that could be considered console quality were Uncharted: the Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush which were designed with Vita as a focus.
  • Third party support

    • Didn’t Wii U try to have third party support as well? And it didn’t? Wii U’s architecture, and probably Nintendo’s involvement, drove a lot of third party game developers to avoid Nintendo for their games. And we all know Nintendo loves to be in the past. Unless their involvement and polices, as well as game architecture changed to make things easier for developers, I have hard time seeing this happening.
    • I do not know the specs of this console, but the rumors has it that it may be weaker than the PS4. If my logic is correct, Switch is on a different generation from PS4 and Xbox One. And if this is true, developers would have to work around even tighter constraints than other consoles.
  • Handheld gaming market

    • I may be a pessimist, but I was under the impression that the handheld gaming was dying off. I am not talking about mobile games like Angry Birds, but more like Gameboy and PSPs. When was the last time you brought and played your handheld games outside? When was the last time you saw someone playing a handheld game outside?
    • The size of the Switch screen seems to be around the size of iPad, especially with the controllers attached. And people complain about carrying those around. If iPad is a hassle, wouldn’t dedicated gaming console be more of a burden?

Image result for nintendo switch

  • Hardware

    • The small size of the Switch concerns me. PS4 and Xbox one are a lot larger than that when they were first introduced, and Sony and Microsoft felt the need to update the hardware to be more powerful. And Nintendo seems to have made it smaller. Either they are doing something really well, or is not. Obviously this is too soon to tell.
    • The battery is also another thing that concerns me. I am guessing that the portable screen is charged by the dock, but what about the controllers? Since the controllers can be separated and act independently, they must require a battery each. So the screen and each of the controllers have their own battery? That is a few things to keep track of, especially if you are travelling with it. And this is not counting the more classic controller that they showed.
    • This may be me nitpicking, but the Zelda video they showed seems laggy to me. I mean this is the first grand showing of your new video, and the fact that I am even worried about what I saw is concerning.
  • What does this mean for the Nintendo Handheld market?

    • Did the 3DS just get is expiration date? If Switch is truly going to combie console and portable gaming, then 3DS would be a competition and result in Nintendo cannibalizing itself.
    • If they intend to integrate the 2 systems, remember the PS Vita? Vita could act as a new controller! It can stream PS4! And it can even share games and save files with PS4! Then it died…. of poor Vita, oh how I love thee.

Image result for 3ds


Here is what I am excited about!

  • The video does not show any kids, but it does show a lot of young adults. This shows that Nintendo is thinking of pushing its more hardcore games than casual things. So hopefully, Metroid will get a better game than Federation Forces.
  • The only true aspect the console games dominate over the PC Masterace apart from exclusive games, is the couch co-op and versus. And Nintendo seems to be the only people that remembers this, apart from Borderlands people. Sure only play is big, but a lot of people love to go over to their friend’s place and play games with them.

Image result for nintendo switch

  • Nintendo always pushed things to be different, like the Wii. And this is obviously different from the usual gaming. And who knows what the possibly are! And that is great.


Final Thoughts

Image result for zelda breath of the wild

As mentioned above, I am not hating on the system. I like Nintendo and I love their games. And I want them to succeed and keep making innovations. But, it would be a lie to say I am wholly optimistic about the Switch. After Wii U’s lackluster generation, it is hard to say I have diamond strength trust in Nintendo. If the Switch succeeds, fantastic! I want to play the new Zelda, but not sure if I want to get a new system just for that.

I hope I didn’t insult you. Let me know if you are hyped for this, or is skeptical!



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