Valkyria Chronicles 2 Retrospective

So Valkyria Chronicles 2 is where some controversy among the fans started to develop. Valkyria Chronicles 2 was made by SEGA and was released on the PSP in 2010. Yes, while the first game was released on PS3 console, this was released on the handheld PSP…



Avan Hardins (the red head) is the protagonist this time around and he starts off as a Scout. He was SO GENERIC as a character could get. Take a look at him and you already know everything. He is nice but hot headed guy who only wants what is right.

Zeri is another generic stereotype is being that dick with glasses. He is cold towards Avan in the beginning and as know he warms up to him. He is a Shocktrooper.

Cosette is the blonde. She is another stereotype ditzy pretty girl. She is the lively one of the three and just wants everyone to get along. There is not that much to her character. She is the new medic class, medics are actual class thing time, not just a game mechanic.



The story takes place some years after the events of the first game, the war with the Empire is over and there is now peace in Galia.

The main characters are not full fledged soldiers, or even a militia, they are high school students… or military school I guess. Already the controversy begins. Where most of the characters in the original game were adults, here, they are children playing war.

The main conflict that arises in the game is a Civil War in Galia. The game is a smaller portable game, so the story seems to be a smaller cast. Gallian Revolutionary Army are the aroistocrats who are not happy with how the things are run and decided to wage war.

The story follows Ardins, a member of Class G (because it;s the 7th letter, get it). Because Galia’s main army is … gone, and for some reason militias are no longer a thing, it is up to high school kids to save the day. They have to fight the Gallian Revolutionary Army, who seems to have just about similar capabilities as the Empire from the first game, and save Galia once again from racists. Yes, ethic cleansing is one of the things Gallian Revolutionary Army like. If the first game had Nazis as villains, this time it is the KKK. And somehow, the Gallian Revolutionary Army developed a way to create artificial Valkyrias.



Gameplay wise, it improved on the original in terms of RPG elements. There are more classes, each classes branch off to even more classes, and characters can switch classes as the player sees fit. Avans start out as a Scout, but you can make him a Shocktrooper if you desire.

Some of the notable classes include Fencers, Maulers, and Medics. Fencers and Maulers are completely new classes that are designed for close quarter combat. As single hit damage, no one does more damage than these guys. Fencers are expert foot soldier killers and Maulers are excellent tank killers. It is kind of weird to use medieval weapons after WWII but it’s cool. Medics are now an actual class. They heal … what more can you say.


-How Does it Hold Up?-

I holds up both well and terribly. Gameplay wise, it improves on the original in almost every way. There are more classes, more flexibility among classes as well as strategy. It is mechanically more solid than the original, in my opinion at least.

However, everything else in the game is a shackle. The story is much smaller scalet than the first game, so stakes aren’t as high. Since it is on a handheld, the stages are more bit sized than the previous game. The plot in the later game is recycled from the original. And since it is on  the PSP, it looks significantly worse than its predesessor. Since it was on PSP and its resulting low sales, made the series look worse and did not have the number of audience as the first. This told Sega that “Americans were not interested in Valkyria games”, while they should’ve heard “Put this back on consoles!”


Image result for valkyria chronicles 1

Although I believe that Valkyria Chronicles 2 had better gameplay, I enjoyed playing the first one a lot more. So in terms of actually having fun and as overall experience, I have to say it does not hold up, play the first one instead or go with the recent Remastered re-release in the PS4.

Do you think the sequel was better than the original? Am I right or do you think my opinion sucks? Let me know what you think in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Valkyria Chronicles 2 Retrospective

  1. Yeah, I mean, they already had the setup from VC, so it should have been a lot cheaper just to make another PS3 game. Plus throw away the whole war aspect for a school setting didn’t help either.

    (I bought this the day of release and still haven’t played it…)

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