New Game! Anime Review

This is an anime about making games, not a new game anime.

I like schlock animes, and this is definitely one of them. The characters are cute as hell and I do enjoy watching it, but the plot is complete garbage, even on slice of life standards. This anime is as much an anime about making games as K-On is about doing music.



Suzukaze Aoba is supposedly the main character. She just got out of high school and somehow got a job at Eagle Jump as a character designer, somehow. She somewhat offends me, as I am an industrial designer with 4 year degree and experience with multiple 3D modeling program including Solidworks and ZBrush has a lot of trouble finding a job, while this child with no experience nor computer skills somehow got a job.


Yagami Ko (the blonde) is the secondary protagonist of the series, she is Aoba’s boss and the character design lead of the game they are working on. She is a tsundere, she wants to appear mature and distant, but she is all dere underneath. Toyama Rin, (left… wine haired) is the Art Director of the design team, she is technically Ko’s boss. Ko and Rin joined the company together and has been in a relationship…. I mean friendship ever since.


Of the characters, I must say Ahagon Umiko is my favorite. She, like everyone else, is cute as hell and is waifu material.. But the real reason is it seems like she is the only one in the show that actually does her job, yes, the standard is this low.



Well…. story is Aoba is hired at this game company and starts to make characters for a new game. And the story pretty much ends there. Oh, below is spoilers, but ….. there is almost nothing to spoil. Most of the episodes are about what happens outside of their job and profession. Let me list it out:

Ep 1: Starting to get to know people at work

Ep 2: What drinking party looks like

Ep 3: Being (not really) punished for getting to work late

Ep 4: What do you spend your paycheck on?

Ep 5: People at work cannot decide on a temperature setting

Ep 6: What do people do on weekends?

Ep 7: Getting health examined

Ep 8: Aoba’s friend decided to work there and is late to her first day, roams around and disturbs everybody, and eats someone else’s pudding. And this pudding bullshit is a big plot point of the episode…. why do I watch this…..

Ep 9: One of the most work related episode. Due to a bug detected, everyone has to stay late for work, and they go to onsen….. plot progress…

Ep 10: Well about half the episode was dedicated to having too many donuts. And another part was having extremely inoffensive fight your friend and having that distract your job.

Ep 11: There was an info leak! But who cares, let’s talk about dressing up for interview and buying energy drink.

Ep 12: The game is released! And moving on to the after-party. Then everyone gets drunk.

Almost nothing regarding work is addressed. And when they are, they are overshadowed by more important stuff, like asking “how do people spend their weekends?”.


-the Good-

As you can see just from the screennshots, this show is ridiculously cute. As a person who likes cute things, that might be hard to tell since some of my favorite things include Berserk and the like, this one was a treat visually. A lot of the cuteness mostly comes from simple expressions and gestures, and that’s pretty great.

Admittedly, there were one or two moments in the show that were actually funny. The scene that takes place after the after-party on the last episode was great. And apart from that…. I think everything else was meh to this isn’t funny.


Image result for new game ep 7

I think the best part of the show was Ahagon….. I mean Umiko. She does not mince words and give it to people straight, whether it be criticisms, compliments, and whether or not they a future with the company. She is really into military stuff as well as FPS games, and that’s great. And seeing her pulling her hair out trying to debug everything is just fun. I’m glad she got more screen time than I expected.


-the Bad-

As cute as this anime is, I don’t think it reflects the game industry well. For one, the entire company is made of women, in fact, there is not a single man in the entire anime. Why is this? Last time I checked, all the SJW are squealing about how the industry needs more women, clearly that is not the case according to New Game. Please note, I am not saying that having all women show is bad, but shows describing an industry might give the wrong impression.


Image result for new game anime

I have never been in the game industry, but I do read on it, and I am a designer in a toy company, so I think I know some things. So first thing is, how is Aoba even hired? She has no experience, she has no degree, and it doesn’t even seem like she knows the company that well. She had no idea what game she was working on, nor the programs she should know.


Image result for new game ep 7

In episode 7, Ahagon criticizes Aoba for not dealing with errors in her model. Aoba apologizes for it, and Ahagon literally points a window on her desk that shows ALL the errors with the model. How the hell did Aoba not notice this glaring window this red warning signs telling her her model has mistakes?


Image result for new game hifumi

Apart from Aoba and Ko, no one else in the show is really that important. So let’s talk about Hifumi, she didn’t do anything in the entire series. The most she does is have tea with the other characters, and when she isn’t doing that, she is just chilling by herself in the background. Sure, there are a lot of introverts and shy people everywhere, but interaction with other characters is what makes things interesting, and Hifumi was just plainly boring.

I really thought I was getting dumber watching this show. Nothing that happens in the episodes is of any significance. You can watch the first episode and go to the last episode and would have missed nothing story-wise.



  • Will I watch this again? No, maybe an image or two on Tumblr, but nothing more.
  • Do I recommend it? No. If you like cute things, look at pictures of this show.


-Final Thoughts-

I like cute things…. let’s rephrase that. I LOVE cute things, and this show was without a doubt extremely cute. BUT everything else literally sucks. Characters have no depth, nothing in the show is remotely of concern, and plot is literally the least important thing in the show.

Image result for nendoroid ahagon

If there is a nendoroid for Ahagon, then I might get her. But other than that, I see no real reason to revisit this series, apart from looking at cute screenshots.

Did you like this series? Do you think I’m being too harsh on this show? Let me know!



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