Character Talk: Laharl

It’s been a while since I droned on about Disgaea, so let’s do that.

Laharl is the original protagonist of the Disgaea series, and probably the most iconic one. Obviously, he debuted in Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness / Makai Seki Disgaea. Since then, he pretty much made cameo in every Disgaea game since then, with actual story role in Disgaea 2 and Disgaea 3 (post game). He is designed by Takehito Harada like all Disgaea characters.


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Laharl starts off as prince, son to King Krichevskoy, then later becomes the Overlord of Netherworld. He is over 1000 years old and is immature and stubborn. But he very destructive and dangerous. In Disgaea 2, he is embarrassed about losing and destroys Veldime, the Netherworld where story takes place, and results in a Bad End.


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Laharl is not a full fledged demon, he is part human. While his father is King Krichevskoy, the overlord of the Netherworld, his mother was a human witch. One of the biggest themes from the first Disgaea, and pretty much all Disgaeas, is love. Laharl detests love because it is not a demon thing to do, and sees it as a weakness.


When it comes to romance, Laharl is clumsy at best and usually oblivious, he is just immature. It is still argued to his day who he is in relationship with, Etna or Flonne, or both? The story is ambiguous about this as well. Flonne is obsessed with love and wants to show that love is good and powerful to Laharl, while Etna has a huge crush on King Krichevskoy but is hopeful that Laharl will become a good man like him. And a lot of people argue that since Larharl is a demon and an Overlord, why not both. Ultimately it is up to the fans and doujin writers who Laharl up ends up with.


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Laharl has bunch of moves up his sleeve, but his most iconic is probably his original final move, “Meteor Impact”. He summons a meteor from the sky Sephiroth style to annihilate his enemies. The AoE of this attack depends on with game you are playing. His second iconic move is “Overlord’s Wrath” where he conjures these fiery balls of energy and shoots them at his foes, I believe this is what destroyed Veldime in one of the Bad Ends. His first unique skill is “Blazing Knuckles” and its not terribly impressive. Since Disgaea D2, Laharl gained a 4th skill called “Overlord Dimension” and it looks badass.


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So how is he as a character? Well in the first game, he evolves from privileged and reckless child to someone who is willing to sacrifice his life for others as well as beginning to learn how to make friends. Unfortunately, this is his biggest growth in the entire franchise. AS mentioned before, he is rather immature in Disgaea 2, and becomes parody of himself in the later games. He doesn’t get too much growth in Disgaea D2 since that was more about Etna than Laharl. One thing he does improve on is his tolerance of affection and love from those around him, so I guess he grew.

I hope you liked this installation of Character Talk!



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