Random Thought: Upcoming “Innovations” Make Me Sad

For some reason, I have been in a slump in regards of being excited about…. I guess the future of entertainment. This is mostly regarding 2 things I’ve seen: the Nintendo Switch and the Microsoft Surface Studio. This is me bitching and whining.


Image result for nintendo switch

I’ve talked about Nintendo Switch already. So here is the short-version. I want this thing to be great, but I am having doubts. The system looks like this was what Nintendo hoped the Wii U was going to be. It looks and feels like high-end handheld console like the PS Vita rather than a premium console, and remember how well the PS Vita is doing? Nothing that was shown here impressed me.

After the release, the third party companies came out to say they don’t actually have plans to make games for the Switch just yet. So Skyrim and the basketball game can never come out, just like how it happened with Wii U. So the third party stuff is just a wishy washy hope that people are excited for. And the rumored specs of the system sounds very underwhelming. The last time Nintentdo had an edge over the competitor was Game Cube.


Now for the Microsoft Surface Studio…. One day, while I was working, couple of my coworkers called me over to show me this item, as my job is a product designer for a toy company, so this is rather relevant for me. They told me that this was the future of designing before presenting me the trailer, and what I saw was….. well, nothing special, if anything I was seeing the past rather than the future. What was I suppose to be surprised by? Touch screen computers are not new, mobile computing system and tablets are not new, and drawing with a pen is nothing new.

Hear me out.

  • This is way too big to be a mobile tablet, but it is too weak to be a powerful graphics PC. And this being a tablet, you won’t be able to upgrade or replace the components when necessary. Where as a decent PC can easily do that. So, PC will long out survive this device and will be more powerful.
  • Wacom has been doing this stuff for decades at this point with Bamboo, Intuos and Cintiq lines. Hell, there is also a Cintiq tablet version that does exactly this. And since most of Wacom’s devices don’t run on their own graphics card, it can evolve along with your existing PC.
  • The dial……… isn’t this a step backwards? Why is this a thing? It is a remote for a simple funtion, and it doesn’t even come with the device. Yeah, you have to buy it separately. You the the color wheel the dial summoned? Well that can be done on Photoshop with holding ctrl+alt+shift, is not holding that really worth $100?


Image result for macbook pro 2016

Then let’s talk about Apple. The iPhone 7 and the new Mac Book Pro….. I don’t understand. They are moving forward and moving backward at te same time. In case of the iPhone 7, sure those additional system,s are nice, but removing the headphone jack just seems like anti-consumer. Similarly, the removal of traditional USB port from the Mac Book Pro is anti consumer. It may be true that USB C, the one in the new laptop, is better than the usual USB port; however, there are hardly any USB C ports on any devices.

The basics of good design was coined by design studio MAYA: Most Advanced Yet Acceptable. Apple might be be pushing the first half of the phrase, but they are failing at the second part. Apple seems to focus on being more exclusive than before.


Image result for ios 10

I don’t quite understand the changes for the new iOS either, it is so backwards. For years, Apple trained its users to swipe right to unlock the the phone, now it is press the home button again. Sounds like simple change, but habit is something very hard to change. And the Music…. everything seems to be out of order. Before, my Music was alphabetized by song titles, then it was changed to being alphabetized by the artist. To change back, you have to go to phone Settings, why isn’t this in Music? And once changed back, it was not what it was, some titels with “The” in the front is now in T section, before it was under the first letter of the next word. What I am saying is, Apple’s balls are so large now that they know they can fuck user experience and users will not care.


From looking at these, Nintentdo is off doing their own thing and kind of not listening to the criticisms from the past, Microsoft is calling their un-innovative product and calling it innovative, and Apple is is sacrificing user experience for “courage”. This is what we have to look forward to, and I am genuinely disappointed and tad sad. Well this is a dull post.



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