Final Fantasy X Game Review

Final Fantasy X is one of the most well known RPGs of all time, well, it is a Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy X was released back in 2001 on the Playstation 2 and was remaster in HD for PS3 in 2013 and for PS4 in 2014 (JP) and 2015 (US). And PC version was released in 2016. This was the groundbreaking game that brought Final Fantasy to the new generation. FFX was made by the folks at Square Enix. The version I played was Final Fantasy HD Remaster for the Playstation 4.



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Tidus is the protagonist of the series. He is kind of bratty. Honsetly, I did not like him… but he is a great fighter in gameplay. He is the star Blitzball player prior to coming to Spira, now he wants to help Yuna defeat Sin and save the world.


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Yuna is the main character. Although Tidus is the protagonist, most of the story is focused around her. She is a summoner who is her her path to the Final Summoning to defeat Sin. She is pure and innocent as they come. She is dedicated to her duty to defeat Sin and is willing to die for that. Not even Tidus can change her mind.


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Jecht is Tidus’ father, and kind of a dick, exclusively to Tidus. He came to the world of Spira before Tidus did and helped Yuna’s father on his journey to defeat Sin. He is rather mysterious as he is not in the story much, but Yuna thinks he’s cool and Tidus does not.


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Sin is this giant whale monster that is in process of destroying the world. It is a force to be reckoned with, more of force of nature than a villain. It appears after the Calm and the Final Summoning must be done to defeat it, only to have Sin return after the Calm.


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Seymour is the main antagonist of the game. Although Sin is the main threat to the world, Sin is more of force of nature than an active villain. And Seymour is an active villain. And he has the dumbest looking hair in all of gaming…. I mean look that shit.



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Tidus was being a sports star, then suddenly Sin appeared in his home, Zanakand. And Tidus comes to, he is now in this world called Spira, and he now wants to find his way back home.

On his journey, he meets and immediately falls in love with Yuna, a young summoner who wants to defeat Sin. So Tidus joins her and her friends as a Guardian to achieve the Fianl Summoning.

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Sin appears and must be stopped. The Final Summoning performed by a powerful summoner is the only thing that can stop Sin and bring back the Calm. But Sin always comes back. Tidus and Yuna must find a way to stop Sin from returning forever.


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And there is Seymour. Like every dick head in Final Fantasy series, he wants to destroy the world. His reasoning this time is to stop all sadness by… you guessed it, killing everyone int the world with Sin.



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FFX is mastery in bringing the classic Final Fantasy formula to the modern era. The classic gameplay is well shown here. But instead of having 4 party members, now you only have 3 at a time.


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One major change is the leveling system. Unlike the usual leveling system of going from LVL 20 to LVL 21, FFX has the Sphere Grid system. Rather than having the characters level up, the player can choose what stat to upgrade, giving them the player more flexibility. So if you for some goddamn reason want Yuna to walk the path of becoming a tank, I guess you can do that. Speaking of Yuna, get her (or Lulu) the following to break the game: Ultima (best offensive magic), 1 MP cost (uses only 1 MP for any offensive magic), and Double Cast (use 2 offensive magic at the same time). This will have Yuna nuke Ultima twice at a group of enemies and only use 2MP.


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Overdrives replaces the Trance and Limit Break from previous games. After charging up over several battles, characters can unleash powerful attacks. And you have to play a real quick mini game to do max damage.


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The summonings have been improved to actually being different from spells. When summoned, the Aeons linger around and you can actually control them. You now can take manual control over Bahamut and Ifrit like never before. You can use them like a regular character, and they even have their own Overdrives.


-the Bad-

Well, this game is not perfect.

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Remember in my Witcher 3 review, I usually don’t like mini games, well, I hated the ones in this game. Of these, Chocobo Racing was definitely the worst. It is a racing game that has a lot of invisible walls, changing fixed camera, terrible controls, and the muthaf*cking birds. Seeing videos of this does not do it justice, and playing it was hell in it self. The worst part of it is that you need to get minimum of 0.0 seconds on time on this hellspawn of a game to unlock upgrade for Tidus’ (the protagonis mind you) ultimate weapon.

There are other mini games that unlock other ultimate weapons, like Blitzball for Wakka and Butterfly catching for Kimahri, but I was not interested in them so I ignored them. But my short experience with both of those were horrible. And Blitzball, for some reason, is so important to the game that Wakka uses this sporting equipment as his weapon….


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Some things I feel like are obvious things, but they are missing. The big one would be camera control. Why is this missing? So much of this game could have been improved by this, especially the Chocobo Racing. And the world  is freaking beautiful, but I can only see it from one fixed angle. I realize that it was 2001, but MGS3 re-released their game to have new camera on the PS2, and they couldn’t do this for the HD remake? Another thing is ability to skip cut scenes. I usually like to watch cut scenes, but when a cut scene happens before a tough boss fight, and you lose, well, have to watch that cut scene again. Why couldn’t this be added for the Remaster?


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This will make me sound like a graphics snob, but I think it deserves a mention. To a lesser degree, the level of … finesse in the graphic remaster is … inconsistent. Take a look at the picture above, Seymour looks good, not super great, but perfectly serviceable. The main cast looks fantastic. But look at everyone else, they look…. so blocky. I wouldn’t mind this in actual gameplay, but during cut scenes…. it is really noticeable. And when it is noticeable, I don’t think it is a good thing.


-the Good-

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Many people, especially these days, say that traditional JRPG is dead, and I disagree with statement wholeheartedly. Sure, there are many games that does turn based RPG horribly, but FFX is one of those that plays fantastically. Even after playing 100+ hours of this game, the core gameplay never got boring for me. It took the foundation from the original Final Fantasy games and brought it to the modern platforms. I like turn based RPG and this got it just perfectly.


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I guess Square learned from their mistake of taking control away from the players regarding the Limit Break, I mean Trance, I mean Overdrive. Now Overdrives can be manual activated and not be triggered and wasted on random encounter, and not a boss. Great undoing of previous mistakes!


Image result for ffx screenshots hd aeons

The summonings, or Aeons, received the biggest change from the previous Final Fantasy games. In the previous titles, summonings were no different from powerful magic like Ultima, but in this entry, they have their own HP, their own skill sets, and their own Overdrives (pretty much Limit Breaks)


Image result for ffx hd anima

As per usual, the designs of the Final Fantasy games are great. The character designs are instant recognizable and great even today. The architecture and the clothes vary from culture to another, and the Aeons! They look fantastic. And of the Aeons, Anima looks absolutely terrifying and seeing her fight Flans is absolutely hilarious!


Last thing I want to talk about in this section is atmosphere. This feeling existential doom lurks underneath every moment of the story. Everyone in Spira know Final Summoning does not get rid of Sin, it just pushes back the inevitable doom just a bit further. And the characters all know that the story is not goint to have an happy ending for everyone involved, especially out star crossed lover, Yuna and Tidus.



  • Will I play it again? Well, probably not. Despite my liking of this game, I don;t think I want to spend another 80+ hours on it. There are so many other games in the series that I want to try out, including: World of Final Fantasy, FFXV, FFVI, and so on. So I want to spend my times else where, that is all. That said…
  • Do I recommend it? Definitely. If you’ve been itching for a classic PRG that holds up even today, this is it. I had so much fun playing this, and since I have no nostalgia goggles on, I think it stood the test of time very well. Just remember, it is a long game.


-Final Thoughts-

At first, I kind of did not like this game. I did not like Tidus and Wakka, hated Seymour. But the core gameplay, Yuna, and Auron really maintained my interest. And as I played more and more of the game, I kind of fell in love with it. The gameplay is great, and the story, oh the emotions!! And that ending was just fantastic. I don’t know why this game isn’t as popular as Final Fantasy VII! It was a slow start, but after a while you appreciate the thought that went into this game and start rooting for the heroes!

I hope you enjoyed this!




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