Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo LN vol 1 Review

Well, first Light Novel review, this will be filed under Manga, so I don’t have too many tabs on top. A while back, I did an anime review on this series, and keeping my word, I started and finished the first book.

The book was written by Akatsuki Natsume and the art was done by Mishima Kurone.


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Like the anime, the protagonists are Satou Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness. Since they are pretty much done justice in the anime, I won’t go too much in detail. From the left, is Kazuma, our protagonist from another world, aka our world. He is very cynical and does not take shit from his shitty party members.

Next is Darkness, a woman crusader that has fetish being attacked, she can’t land a hit and loves to be in the front lines.

Then we have Megumin, yes that is her real name. She is a witch that only knows Explosion, the ultimate destruction magic, and nothing else. And she can only use it once.

Lastly we have Aqua, who can only be described as kind of a bitch. She is a healer that doesn’t heal and uses her skill points on dumbest skills available, and I say that with love because she is hilarious.


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Since I did not talk about him, here is Beldia the Dullahan, who is pretty much the boss of the first book. He is one of the generals of the evil army, but despite that, he is very civil and well mannered. He didn’t even want to hurt the heroes and gave them potion for peace multiple times, despite this, the heroes push him to retaliate, kind of ironic. He is probably the most down to earth and civil person in the series so far.



What more can I say about the world, that I didn’t in the anime review? Well, here is a short version: Imagine a very stereotypical JRPG world, with the game mechanics in place but is disguised as how the world works rather than actual game mechanics, that is the  world of KonoSuba.



The protagonist, Kazuma, dies of embarrassing accident and goes to the purgatory, there, he meets a beautiful goddess named Aqua. She gives him an option to go to heaven where it is really boring, or go to a fantasy world. Kazuma chooses the fantasy world, and then he is given an option to take one thing with him, be it an enchanted weapon, a stat boost or whatever. And since Aqua is a bitch, Kazuma chooses her out of rage, and now the two of them are in this world together to defeat the Overlord and reinstate Aqua as goddess.


-the Bad-

Apart from really cliche world of modern anime, there is not much to complain. If I had to nick pick, the natural laws of the world is somewhat confusing to me, even after watching the anime and reading the first book.

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For example, Kazuma is good at stealing because he has high Luck stat and has the Steal skill. But does this apply to physical pick-pocketing and stealing? What about mugging, it’s a type of stealing but it is more about strength than luck? I know Kazuma’s is using magic, but where is the distinction? No Game No Life makes it extremely clear what the laws of the world are, but KonoSuba is more relaxed with it.


-the Good-

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The characters are really likable. Kazuma is a dick, but you feel for him as everyone around him drags him down because he is most logical. Aqua is a dumbass, but she is so straight to the point with her selfishness and low intelligence, it comes off as lovable. Megumin is cute as she is a little magical girl with power of nuclear warhead. And Darkness is so creepy, it’s kind of refreshing.


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From anime, not many pics of this guy

And the freaking Dullahan, he is great. I loved him. He was the most down to earth villain. If anything, he is the victim. He is constantly bullied by Megumin’s Explosion magics, he is sexually harassed by Darkness, and was tortured and ridiculed by Aqua. This man needs a hug, but alas, he is a villain. So sad.



  • Will I read it again? Probably not, since there are more of the series already out, and this volume only covered until the Dullahan arc. I think the second volume covers until where the anime stopped.
  • Do I recommend it? Definitely. It is as funny as the anime, if not more. If you can get your hand on this in your preferred language, good for you! If not, the anime does a good job so don’t be too sad.


-Final Thoughts-

The anime did a pretty darn good job of adapting, to a point where I didn’t get anything new out, but instead I got to revisit a series I thought was great in the first place.

I hope you enjoyed this!





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