Random Thoughts: Language

I don’t really know where I am going with this one, but bear with me. I speak multiple languages, and I do think it had noticeable impact on my manga/anime/gaming experience.


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I was born and raised in Korea, then I moved to Canada when I was 10. So by this time I was already exposed to 3 different languages: Korean, English, and French. And because my fascination with anime, I was exposed to Japanese as well. But French quickly died out for me as I interest in it was nonexistent and it is a very difficult language. While I had no sources to teach me Japanese so that did not go anywhere until I actually studied it in college. And YouTube was still in its infancy back then so that was not an option as well.


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When I read manga, I prefer to read them in Korean, it delivers emotions and the tone better. I do read them in English as well but it just doesn’t feel the same. But when I watch anime, I prefer to watch them with Japanese audio with English subtitles. ┬áIn terms of mastery, I think I have better grasp of English over Korean at this point, but that has not affected the atmosphere. It probably also has to do with that Korean is more similar to Japanese and can captuare the nuaces of culture better than English can.

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I like to read Light Novels, and I read them in Korean. I cannot even imagine reading them in English, I just don’t want to do that. But when I am reading regular novels, I prefer them in English, say the Song of Ice and Fire series or the Witcher series.


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And when it comes to games, I prefer them in English. I think I played a couple of games in Korean and I remember not liking it as much, and it was Pokemon Gold, one of my favorites!?


Of course, like all things there are exceptions.

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My mom was really into Ranma 1/2 so we used to watch them together as a kid…. thinking about that now, that might not have been the best show to watch with a child. But the Korean theme song of Ranma 1/2 and the Korean voices were engraved into my mind, so watching them in Japanese audio feels really weird to me.

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And sometimes English dubs to a really good job. The 2 main examples I can think of is Black Lagoon and Baccano! To be fair, I have not seen these two series with Japanese audio as I heard English version was better, and I liked it.

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Another exception in that I enjoyed all versions of what I saw is Keroro Gunsou. I actually saw this anime with Korean dub, English Dub and Japanese dub with English Sub. And I liked all three of them pretty equally. I thought the voices from all versions fit the characters very well. A disclaimer, this is not a show I follow religiously, I watch it when it’s on, but I do not actively seek it out.

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What I want to say is my experience has made it so that different language gives me different atmosphere for the stories. I don’t if you got anything out of this, but hope you like some parts of it.



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