Rogue One Movie Review

If you haven’t heard, Rogue One is a Star Wars movie that is not exactly a Star Wars movie, it is a Star Wars story. Rogue One is the second Disney Star Wars movie that weas released in December of 2016. It is a prequel that takes place a little before the events of Episode IV: A New Hope.



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Jyn Erso is the protgonist of the film. She is daughter of the main man engineering the Death Star. She ends up with the Rebels and is willing to give everything she has to find the plans for Death Star.


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Cassian Endor is a Rebel member who meets Jyn and enlists her help to find her father.

K-2SO is the best part of the movie. He is an Empire droid that was reprogrammed by the Rebels. He is powered by salt judging from his sass.



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If you’ve seen the original Star Wars movie, you know exactly what the plot is. A group of Rebels sacrificed their lives to get their hands on plans to the Empire’s new weapon of mass destruction, the Death Star, and everyone dies in the end. I really don’t think that is a spoiler.


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Jyn’s father is the genius scientist that is crucial to finishing the Death Star, but he retired because something called Death Star cannot be good. But he is found by the Empire and is forced to rejoin them. Jyn, a little girl, escapes thanks to her father’s hiding spot.


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Years later, Jyn gets into series of events that leads to her kind of joining the  Rebellion. She finds out that her father built a weakness in Death Star, so she and bunch of people that just kind of met don’t really know each other has to steal Death Star plans from an Imperial base.


the Bad

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The weakest parts of the movie are the characters. Jyn and Cassian were so boring and generic, especially Jyn as she is the protagonist of the movie. Jyn seems like she does not care about the Rebellion and mild interested in seeing her father again. I believe what makes a character, especially the protagonist, interesting is their determination rather than what they can actually do. For instance, I love Emiya Shirou despite a lot of people hating him. While he more or less sucks at everything, and is not the smartest person in the battle field, he tries his damn hardest to make things right, and that is interesting to watch. And Jyn does not have that.


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The Stromtroopers are a joke. They are suppose to be Empire’s most fierce soldiers and something the galaxy is terrified of. But here, they go down go freaking easily. Their weakness is nothing new here, but it is more detrimental here than previous movies. While previous movies were space opera about magic space wizards, this one is more of realistic and grittier take on the Star Wars universe. And by having the Stormtroopers be this pathetic takes out all the stakes in the movie. While there were different ranks of Stormtroopers in the movie, like more elite Deathtroopers, those meant nothing since they all die so freaking easily. How is there suppose to be drama when the villains are so pathetically weak?


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I guess briefly seeing other reviews kind of hyped it up for me. Seeing phrases like, “This movie will change how you think of original movie!” is … not true. It patched up holes, but it was not game changing. Despite my agreeing with points from Red Letter Media, I did enjoy this movie.


the Good

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This movie makes sense of the architectural flaw everyone has been making fun of for decades, the hole in the Death Star that blows the whole thing up.


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Speaking of the Death Star, I don’t we have ever seen the power of these weapons of mass destruction up close before and really felt its power, not even in Force Awakens. Seeing the damage done by this machine first hand and seeing a city literally disappear in front of you was eye opening, and it wasn’t even on full power.


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Visually, it was great. None of the vehicles and machines in the movie felt fake, everything had real weight to them when they moved. And seeing the variation on previously established assets like the cargo version of AT-AT was great. Although I have gripes of nonthreatening Stromtroopers, seeing varying ranks and uniforms, like previously mentioned Deathtroopers and Shoretroopers, were great!


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I felt like this was the first Star Wars movie where a droid was useful in combat. K-2SO, at least the hero one, could take hits from Stormtroopers and actually do damage. In the previous movies, droids were just there to be taken down. They were even less threatening than the Stormtroopers. Although, the one other K-2SO series droid was taken out in one hit…..



  • Will I watch it again? Sure, I might watch it a second time.
  • Do I recommend it? It did not blow me away, but it is a good film. So yes.


Final Thoughts

Like everything, it wasn’t as great as I hoped, but it was better than what I expected, which is all I can really ask for. This movie reminded me of the Imitation Game, as they  revolve around the greatest war that took place in their respective world, Imitation Game’s being the very real World War II. I think I enjoyed Imitation Game more was pure due to the fact that it had more interesting characters. Both movies had similar plot: find the thing that will stop the (Space) Nazis. I liked Rogue One, butI wanted to get something more out of it.

Hope you liked this!



2 thoughts on “Rogue One Movie Review

  1. I’m torn on this. I love Star Wars but I don’t like prequels (to anything) and I really hated the prequel trilogy. However, I’ve now read a range of reviews from meh to awesome and it is starting to look like the good outweighs the bad. Thanks for sharing your view on this movie.

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    1. Thank you for reading and your thought! I don’t always like prequels, but I have seen them done right like Metal Gear Solid 3, or Fate/ Zero. I did enjoy the film, but characters should have been stronger.

      Liked by 1 person

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