Storks Movie Review

Storks is a Warner Bros animated film that was released on September of 2016. Although it has been out for a while, I did not see this until now, on a plane.



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Junior is the protagonist and is a stork as the title would suggest. He is in line to become the next boss for and he needs to make sure he does not get in any trouble over the weekend.


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Orphan Tulip or just Tulip, because calling her orphan hurts her heart, is a resident “worker” at / Stork Mountain. She was orphaned due to a stork trying to steal her and losing her address beacon. She just wants to help the storks and find her family.


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Baby… well this movie is about storks delivering babies, and the babies were plastered everywhere for the marketing. As for the main baby herself, she is alright. For a baby, she has good chunk of personality like not give a shit and loving violence.



The story follows the storks and how they moved out of baby factory and delivery to Cornerstore, which is pretty much Amazon. With this new gig, storks are now out of baby business so the baby factory is shut down.


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Junior, our protagonist, is on verge of being promoted to boss, he just has to survive the weekend without making trouble, and fire Tulip, an orphaned girl that now lives with Storks and makes trouble. But one thing leads to another and he accidentally makes a baby with her…. quite literally. Now Junior and Tulip has to deliver this baby before anyone finds out.


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How babies are made is not through sex, but through factory machines. Maybe sex works, I am not sure.


the Bad

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Some of the rules in this universe is questionable. They mention there are other ways to deliver babies, but what does that mean? If Storks have stopped making babies, where do babies comes from? Do humans still have sex? Why was there the awkward avoid-the-where-does-babies-come-from bit if babies are ordered through mail? There seems to be young children but the characters make it sound like Tulip was one of the last babies to be manufactured. There are some inconsistencies here, but it is not really that big of an issue.


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The movie has a B plot that involves the Gardener family. Nate, the boy, has parents who more or less neglect him for their job. So he is always lonely and sends the storks a letter for a baby, jump starting the A plot for Junior and Tulip. Their scenes were nice but I wish there were more as we seem them only briefly and I would like to see more of them. Especially since their story parallels Junior and Tulip’s in terms of theme of making a family. While Junior and Tulip gains sense of belonging, the Gardeners relearn what it means to be together.


the Good

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I went in thinking that this will be one of the dumbest movies I will see on the plane, and I was pleasantly delighted. The story has very simple premise and self contained story, which is hard to see these days. I liked how this was not a sequel of part of larger universe, but a nice little story. Reminded me of classic Disney movies, a fairy tale with a spin.


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This movie has heart and theme of building a family. As mentioned previously, both plots, Junior’s as well as Nate’s, are both about finding home. Junior wants nothing to do with Tulip and just want his promotion, and Tulip just wants a place to belong. And by the end, Junior realizes that job is not the most important thing and Tulip finds a home among the storks. Nate’s plot is about a neglected child and workaholic parents learning to bond together. They are cheesy sure, but it was nice to watch.


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This movie had a lot of weird and great moments. Some of my favorites were those involving the wolves. They can somehow contort their bodies to become engineering marvels. They become structures, vehicles, and whatever needs to be done.


Let’s talk about diversity, I think movie did it right, and very maturely. By that, I mean it did not shove it in your face. There is a scene where babies are delivered, and it shows all kind of families: nuclear, interracial, gay, single parent, and whatever else. I thought it was a classy touch.


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The movie really does not take itself very seriously and just enjoys itself. They have all these weird things that people just accept. No one cares that there are sentient talking birds that own large businesses, many are afraid are are affected by the toxicity of baby cuteness, and acknowledging that penguins are the best baby sitters. The movie also has some darker humor like casually showing penguins being eaten in front of their chick, talking about how schools value imagination over education, and poking fun at how miserable Tulip is. It is all good in Storks!



  • Will I watch it again? Yes, in fact I have couple of times, be it they were all on planes.
  • Do I recommend it? Yes, this was very wholesome, happy little movie. I think it deserves more credit than it is getting now.


Final Thoughts

As mentioned before, I thought this movie was going to be awful, but I was blown away by how much fun I had. It could be my low expectation but I left the movie very satisfied.

Hope you liked this one!




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