Loot Anime: March 2017

This month’s theme is “Together” so mostly Shonen stuff.


Like last month, another novel, this one is The Boy and the Beast, not to be confused with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I’ve been meaning to check out the movie…


Key chain from that show I’ve heard about but not seen, and another cell phone strap I’m not going to use.



A shirt from very popular Haikyuu. I am writing my thoughts on it, it should be out in next few days, look forward to that.


Photo Mar 05, 4 00 13 PM.jpg

Another poster I am not going to use.



Lastly, this was a delightful surprise. If you’ve been around the blog, you may know I am a huge One Piece fan, dare I say it is my favorite manga series of all time? And seeing a Luffy figure was a treat. This is to promote the new movie coming out I believe. While the manga is superb, the movies are…. not so great. Here is to hoping.


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