The Witcher: the Last Wish Book Review

“Money, opens all doors” Geralt of Rivia, as he hits a guard on the head with sack of coins.

So this is very new for me, a novel review, but since I like to talk about the Witcher series, I thought some of you might want to hear about it as well.

The Last Wish is an anthology of short stories about Geralt if Rivia, the witcher. The anthology contains 6 stories that are wrapped around one larger story. The book was written by Andrzej Sapkowski and was published in Poland in 1993. The book did not come to United States until 2008.



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Geralt of Rivia is the protagonist of all of the stories. He is a witcher, and is always looking for new opportunities to earn money, by killing monsters. He prefers to keep things to himself, but is very sarcastic at times. He knows


Image result for nenneke
Nenneke in Gwent

Nenneke the priestess of Melitele is the head of her temple in Ellander. She has been friends with Geralt for a very long time and is  in process of healing him of his wounds. She knows him, Dandelion, and Yennefer well, enough to tell Geralt to stop pissing Yen off.


Image result for dandelion witcher 1
Dandelion as he appears in the Witcher 1 Game

Dandelion the bard is a famous poet and singer. He sometimes lives in his own world and almost always gets Geralt in trouble. While afraid of danger, he will stick with Geralt because they are friends as well as to tell his stories in his poems.


Image result for yennefer witcher 3

Yennefer of Vengerberg is an infamous witch who is beautiful as she is dangerous. She loves feeling superior to others and is not above manipulating other people for her plans and enjoyments.



Voice of Reason

The anecdotes are stringed together by the overarching story called the “Voice of Reason,” where injured Geralt is being healed by priestess Nenneke where they talk about how he met the important people of his life. Also these knights are harassing the temple and Nenneke because she is harboring the witcher, abomination of nature.


The Witcher

The climax of this fight, the battle with the Striga is the exact battle that happens in the opening cinametics of the Witcher video game. This introduces King Foltest, his daughter, and the titular witcher, Geralt of Rivia.


A Grain of Truth

Art by Egor Gafidov

This is a fun one. This one is very loosely based on the story of Beauty and the Beast as it is about a man cursed into becoming a monster and in search of a loved beauty. Does true love really conquer all?


The Lesser Evil

Image result for witcher the lesser evil renfri
Art by Roman Tishenin

This is the story of how Geralt became the Butcher of Blaviken. Roughly inspired by the events of Snow White and the  Seven Dwarves. This is a story of manipulation and betrayal, with our witcher finding himself in all this mess.


A Question of Price

Image result for witcher a question of price

If you’ve seen the game and have read my posts about Witcher series before, this should not be a surprise. This is about how Geralt meets Ciri’s parents before Ciri was born.


The Edge of the World

Art bt Bathorygen

This is story of Geralt and Dandelion’s first adventure together. Where they go to very rural area, the end of the world, for a witcher job. Geralt is hired to take care of the “devil” that is stealing grain from the locals.


The Last Wish

Image result for yennefer last wish
In Witcher 3, Mission with the Same Name

Geralt recalls his first meeting with the infamous witch, Yennefer of Vengerberg. During on fishing trip with Geralt, Dandelion gets the idea he can tame a djinn and granted 3 wishes, instead he gets cursed. Now Geralt has to meet this dangerous witch to save is idiot friend.


the Bad

Image result for queen adda

If you’ve played the games, there are things that do not connect. The names for characters and places are sometimes different or straight out wrong. One example of this is in the first story with the Striga. The queen’s name is Adda, not the princess. The princess is implied to be mentally handicapped after the Striga incident, but in the game she is fine. Vizima of the games is called Wyzim. This is not a problem with the book, but for both going from one to the other.


the Good

The book was surprisingly hilarious. I knew from the games that Witcher series had sense of humor and did not take itself so seriously, but I was literally laughing every chapter. There are couple of instances, usually by Dandelion, where people taunt unearthly creatures and get decked for it, and it’s funny every time.


Image result for witcher crach

As a person who played the games first, it was great seeing how the characters who become lifelong friends and romantic partners, and sometimes enemies, together for the fist time. Dandelion is here, Yennefer is here, that she-elf from the first game is here Crach is here, it was a jolly good time.



  • Will I read it again? I don’t know, while this was a fantastic read, there are a lot more where these came from. But it is undeniably funny.
  • Do I recommend it? Definitely. If you couldn’t get enough of world of the Witcher from the games, here is more exploits of Geralt of Rivia.


Final Thoughts

I don’t usually read novel, I am ashamed of that, but here is one I finished relatively fast and I really enjoyed. I heard the books were really good, but I had no idea the humor was great as well. This book many me laugh, gasp, and be confused, and it was a great ride!



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