Logan Movie Review

If you haven’t heard this is a new movie featuring Hugh Jackman as titular Logan, the Wolverine. The movie was released in March of 2017, so just a bit ago by 20th Century Fox. As it does feature couple of character from the previous series, it can be seen as part of the X-Men movies, but practically, it is a stand alone movie, you don’t need to have seen the previous movies.



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Logan aka the Wolverine is the protagonist of the movie. do I really have explain this? The one main difference is that Logan has lost everything except Charles. And he is stubborn to at least not lose him, then he meets Laura.


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Charles Xavier aka Chuck is a shell of his former self. Gone is the classy gentleman, what is left is a man struggling to hold his powers under control. But like the good old days, he still has hope for Logan and the future.


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Laura is the main focus of the story. If you’ve not seen the traillers or know too much about the comics, I will not give away who she is here. But if you’ve seen them, you know exactly who she is. She is fierce and wild, just like Logan in his early days, but deep inside is child who is longing for family.




The story takes place very long time after any of the X-Men movies, Logan does not go out of its way to tell you what timeline it is in.Something terrible has happened and the X-Men we all know is gone, the only survivors are Logan and Charles, and they have not handled themselves well.

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Logan is broken and is earning money to keep himself and Charles out of public’s eye, as that is the only thing left in his life. Then he meets Laura, and I will stop there.


the Bad

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The action scenes are amazing, very well made. But some decapitations and other brutal scenes look very noticeably CG. And as the rest of the film is so realistic and well done, these lesser stellar moments stand out.

In this world, there are X-Men comics, that look exactly like the ones from our world. This meta-esque comic books gave me a very Deadpool feel, and the tone of Deadpool and Logan clash rather heavily. This was not game breaking for me, just seemed like ther would have been better alternatives that fit the atmosphere better.


the Good

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I want to take a little time and say that Laura was awesome. She is, without a doubt, badass, there I say the best part of the movie. She reminded me so much of when Logan himself was young and wild. She was like a feral creature, completely unleashed. Her recklessness greatly balanced Logan’s more veteran and experienced fury.


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At the center of this movie are people who wants to find a place to belong, and the three main characters work so well off of each other. All the actors, even the child, do a hell of a job of showing broken people trying to get through day at a time.


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I always loved well done time-skips, seeing how relationships, politics, and characters change are always fascinating, when done right. And it was done so right here. Charles is no longer the classy gentleman, Logan is no longer a young beast, and the two went through a lot of hell prior to the beginning of the film.

Another thing I loved about this movie is that it leaves things to the imagination, a lot of how the characters ended up here is referenced and never fully explained. I like that.


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The villain in this movie was rather forgettable, but here is the thing, the focus of the movie was the bond between broken Logan and growing Laura, the villains were there just to move the story. I always thought X-Men movies worked better without a, to borrow Red Letter Media’s words, “villain of the week”.  And giving less focus on the villain for more focus on the three main characters was a wise decision.



  • Will I see it again? Hell yes! I plan on getting the movie once it comes out to relieve this movie once again.
  • Do I recommend it? YES! I LOVED this movie. I have not seen a movie where I was so over joyed in a while.


Final Thoughts

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Before going further, let me just say this here. The movie does not remotely follow the comic book Old Man Logan, if anything the only similarities they share are that Logan is old and has to drive a lot. There are no incestuous Hulk clan, there is no patricidal  Spiderwoman, and there is no President Red Skull, but I don’t care. As long as the final product is good, not following the original sources is least of my worries.


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This movie is a send off to both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart as their characters. This movie is clearly made with love and passion first and corporate greed second. There was no shameless plug in of their other franchises so common in movies these days. This is a classy movie that just wanted to tell one last story of the Wolverine.



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