Toy Collection 18: Kotobukiya Shiro

This is a painted figure from the good folks at Kotobukiya. The character is Shiro the heroine from one of my favorites No Game No Life.

Photo Mar 19, 5 55 06 PM

Above is the full figure from the front, it looks very good! The colors are very nice, especially Shiro’s hair.


Since I like the figure, I will start with some parts that are bad…

Photo Mar 19, 5 55 54 PM

First, when I got her out of the package, parts of her hair was damaged, seems like the paint was scraped off.


Photo Mar 19, 5 55 59 PM

Also the tips of her crown were bent… I think this is something that should’ve been an easy fix. Here are some solutions, ship with a blister to better protect the shape of the crown, thicken the crown’s wall to fortify the structure, add ribs in the inside to subtly add fortifications. Now that’s over….


Photo Mar 19, 5 56 07 PM

The details on the figure are gorgeous. The clothes wrinkles, the hair strands, and dem colors!


Photo Mar 19, 5 55 34 PM

The figure also comes with a small pawn piece (both black and white), easy to use. You can also see her panty, but I did not want to photograph that for obvious reasons.


Photo Mar 19, 5 56 28 PM

The pose of the figure is great and actually sits very well. That is half undressed socks, not her foor melting. The paint job done on her face is also very pretty.


Photo Mar 19, 5 55 50 PM

Lastly, this is Shiro from the back, I cannot get enough how pretty her hair is. The transition from the blue to pink to clear yellow is very smooth, I love it.

This is one of the few toys I keep in on my desk next to my monitor so I can see it often!

I hope you liked this!




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