Haikyuu Season 3 Anime Review

What surprised me was that Season 3 was less than half the length of the previous seasons.

Haikyuu is once again brought to you by Production I.G. and is adaptation of manga of the same name by Furudate Haruichi. I did a review of season 1 and 2 here, please check it out!



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Hinata Shouyo and Kageyama Tobio return as the star duo as they face off the strongest team in the league. What more can I say about them… Hinata is the hotheaded dreamer that has devastating attacks, and Kageyama is the coolheaded support that can get Hinata to places he can never go by himself.


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Tsukishima Kei is a member of Karasuno. He has been a member since the first season, but he steals the show a lot this time around.


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Ushijima Wakatoshi is the main opponent of the season as well as the captain of Shiratorizawa. He has been shown in the previous seasons being talked as the most powerful being in high school volleyball. He is like Seijurou Shin from Eyeshield 21, the perfect player.


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Tendou Satori aka Guess Monster is the middle blocker of Shiratorizawa and also most entertaining character to watch.



The stroy picks up right after season 2, which ended with Kurasuno beating the other schools to enter the tournament finale. There is one match here, and that is against the strongest team in the area, Shiratorizawa.


the Bad

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So yeah, the whole season is one match, yes, all 10 episode was spent on one match, I will talk about this as well in “the Good” section so don’t get too angry. I wanted to know what the thought process was here. Was there not enough material for a full season? As I don’t read the manga, I cannot tell you. Or did the studio think this one match is indeed strong enough to sustain its audience? It was damn good season but one match still seems a little too much.


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I won’t spoil it here, but this being a tournament based sports anime, it does follow the course described in my previous Haikyuu review, so the ending was not surprising at all. It was fun getting there, but the ending was pretty clear.


the Good

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Sure Hinata is the protagonist and is fun to watch, but Tsukishima stole to spotlight. He was being developed in season 1 and more in season 2, and all that work pays off in season 3. His development was not rushed like some of the other characters received on this show, they took their time and played their cards perfectly! His growth from a club member to a true player was great. The exploration of how he thinks and plans out his actions was great to see. And when he did that thing, you know what I’m talking about, you felt it right in the feelz. I don’t want to give spoilers, so being vague here. He was indeed the MVP.


When I estimated during the first couple of episodes that the season was indeed going to be one match, I thought I would be bored by the end. And yes, there were some parts I thought was unnecessary. But I was surprised how glued I was to the screen throughout most of the season. I don’t know how they did it, but one match over 10 episodes was actually great, and had me at the edge of my seat. I still think its a weird decision, but the execution was well played.


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I want to talk about the female characters as I forgot to in my last review, don’t worry this is not sexual. In beginning of the series, Shimizu was the only female character. And she was boring as all hell. Then heaven’s answered and gave the viewers Yachi.

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Here is the beauty of Yachi, not only is she an interesting character, she brings out more of humanity from Shimizu. Yachi’s addition to the team made the weakest character better, and that is great. And to further balance this out, Tanaka’s sister became a regular and her wild side, Shimizu’s coolness, and Yachi’s passion all balance each other well.


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The animation of the show has improved, to be fair, it was a shorter season. There are a lot more detailed movements during the action, and that one battle cry, you know the one, was fantastically animated. And using great animation in only certain sequences does accentuate the more dramatic parts better.

And there was less talking from the sidelines than the previous seasons. And a lot of the brain works came from the players rather than the coach.



  • Will I watch it again? No, while it was fun, I have other things to watch.
  • Do I recommend it? If you liked the first two seasons sure. But the whole season only covering one match will turn some people off.


Final Thoughts

What to say… I expected a fun time, and I got fun time. Apart from one or two moments, nothing was life changing, and that was not expected from it. I got what I wanted, and that was about it. I do look forward to the next season and will let you.



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