Loot Anime: April 2017

This month’s theme is Cyberpunk, let’s do this


Photo Apr 01, 3 17 36 PM

First up is a manga called Clockwork Planet. Never heard of it. Seems like it is filled with lolis, I might give it a go.


Photo Apr 01, 3 18 24 PM

Next is Trigger’s Kiznaiver mousepad, while I have a mouse pad I like, I might give this one a try. Who knows, it might be great.


Photo Apr 01, 3 17 12 PM

Most exciting is this Ghost in the Shell Arise shirt. While I am very conflicted about the new movie, this is a nice shirt.


This is a 2GB USB based on the Dominator from Psycho-Pass. It looks cool, the latch is… to tough to be easily accessible. But it’s a shame that it is only 2GB.


Lastly, there is a phone accessory and a poster I won’t use. So that is it for this month, I hope you liked it!



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