Persona 2 Innocent Sin Retrospective

Persona 2 is unique in that it is a duology, the stories of Tatsuya and stories of Maia. The duology is divided into Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment, here I am talking about Innocent Sin.

Persona 2 was first released in 1999on the PS1 and was re-released on the PSP in 2011. The games are made by Atlus, one of my favorite game companies. I had the chance to play the PSP remastered version of the game.




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Tatsuya Suou is the protagonist of the story. Breaking the convention is that he is a named character. Still silent, but named. This is important because Persona is a duology with 2 protagonists throughout.

Amano Maya is a reporter for a magazine. She joins the Tatsuya in finding out what is really happening. She is like the big sister of the group, apart from the fact that she is indeed older than the rest of the main party, she has very maternal nature.


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Joker is the main antagonist of the game. He has a history with the main cast, while they do not remember, he is tortured by what they’ve done.



While taking place in the same universe as Persona 1, the stories are only loosely related, those being couple of returning characters. These returning characters, are important, but the main focus is more on the new cast.


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Tatsuya, Lisa, and Eikichi all go to the same school. They decide to play this game where you call and summon Joker, a wish granting killer clown. And Joker will grant you a wish, or take your Ideal Energy. When Joker arrives, he recognizes the three, but the three doesn’t. Apparently the three screwed him up in the past, but they have no idea, thus innocent sin.


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While looking into Joker, the party meets and joins with Maya, a reporter. There is this weird phenomenon going on in the city where all rumors come true. Surely this is work of the Joker, so the party delves deeper into this mystery. And somehow meets the remnant of Nazis headed by Hitler….



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The core mechanic is similar to the original Persona as well as the main line SMT games, it is turn based RPG. Each character can have multiple personas as well as varitey of weaponry.


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And things like negotiations do make a return. And so many of the characters have hilarious lines, I think more serious lines are rarer actually.


Image result for persona 2 gameplay

The game went from first person grid based dungeon crawling to Fallout-esque isometric view dungeon crawling, and this is a lovely LOVELY change. This simple change instantly made this one far more enjoyable for me than the first one.


How Does it Hold Up?

Unlike the previous game, I really had a lot of fun with this one. The updated character portraits look fantastic, the music is great, and the gameplay is solid. The opening song is great and I have on my phone.

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Many of the themes in this game has been carried to future Persona games. Parts of the things happen to victims sound similar to Apathy Syndrome in Persona 3. The theme of rumor manifesting itself seems similar to perceived story vs truth in Persona 4. And hell, the main character in Persona 5 has code name of Joker.


Image result for persona 2 eternal punishment psp

I have not played Eternal Punishment yet, and I want to try the PSP remake, sadly there is no English version as of yet. I am hoping the English patch for the emulator comes out soon. One can dream.

I hope you liked this one!



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