Daredevil Season 1 Review

Daredevil is an Netflix Original adaptation of comic book series of the same name. The series was uploaded onto Netflix on April of 2015 and currently has 2 seasons on Netflix.



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Matt Murdock is the titular Daredevil. He became blind to a chemical accident, that also gave him super sense, similar to but not quite Spidey senses. He is lawyer by day and a crime fighter by night.


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Franklin “Foggy” Nelson is Matt’s best friend and partner in their lawyer firm. Like Matt, he wants nothing more than to support those who cannot support themselves and destroy evil with power of law.


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Karen Page is the first client to Matt and Foggy. She becomes involved in this money mess that somehow leads to something much darker. She later joins Matt and Foggy to fight evil through law.


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Wilson Fisk, his more familiar name to more nerdy people would be the Kingpin, is the main antagonist of the season. He is the crime lord of Hell’s Kitchen and the man who want to make it the greatest city in the world.



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The story follows Matt Murdock in his quest to save Hell’s Kitchen from all evil, from lowly pickpocket to massive crime lords.


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Wilson Fisk has a lot of connections, to Chinese, to the ninja clan of the Hand, and to Russians. He has people in virtually every espect of the city from newspapers, to police, and to legal systems, his reach is vast and powerful. And the Daredevil is going to take this man down.


the Bad

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For a show called Daredevil, he is never called Daredevil until the very end. The episode descriptions always mentions him as such but he only dons the costume in the last episode. This felt very Smallville-ish.


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While he is not boring, I felt that Matt Murdock was the least interesting character. Not that he is bad, he is easily overshadowed by Fisk, by Foggy, and by Karen. Fisk is dangerous and totally unpredictable, Foggy is the moral core of the story and he is just hilarious, and Karen is least equipped for legal things and fighting but she is putting herself out there. While Matt does fight his inner demons, it is not enough.

There are some inconsistencies with Matt, especially regarding to murder. He, like Batman, forbids himself to murder anyone, no matter what. But in one episode, he sets a man on fire and that man dies. This death does move the plot forward for many of the characters, but Matt thinks the man did not die… And he cannot not know, as he can literally hear heartbeats, and I don’t think Fisk would overlook an important character dying… so who’s wrong here?


the Good

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Wilson Fisk steals the show, after his first introduction, he was what I came to watch. Marvel movies have this tradition of having terrible villains, and I was so glad Fisk was awesome. He is very complicated character. In his introduction, he seemed like a giant awkward character who was nervous and unsure. But more you find out about him, his same behavior looks completely different. Rather than him stutter because he is nervous, he is stuttering because he is holding his murderous bloodlust in check. He is also very unstable, he goes form having a romantic night to cleaving a man’s head off with a car door.


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The action on the series is cool, especially when Matt is fighting an actual strong opponent. Matt is often seen fighting regular thugs, but when he is actually fighting a worthy opponent, say a ninja of the Hand. It’s always fun to watch Fisk as he can take a beating without feeling a thing. He often let people get couple of hits in first just to prove to them that their efforts are indeed wasted.

The show is brutal. Parts of this series was on par with something from Game of Thrones, and most of this involves Fisk. Even before his introduction, Fisk had a presence. One of the thugs literally preferred suicide over facing Fisk, I am talking about THAT scene. There are a lot of very violent moments and I am glad Netflix showed it.



  • Will I watch it again? Certain episodes, I want to see again, but there are more material I want to see.
  • Do I recommend it? Sure, it was a fun watch. I am not a fan yet, but I don’t regret spending time on this. And I am moving onto season 2.


Final Thoughts

I heard a lot of good things about this show, and I can easily see why. I was hoping it would be more than “poor man’s Batman” and it was. The opening song shows the blind folded lady with a scale and a sword, an iconic representation of American law, is very fitting of the show. The hero, like the lady, is a blind protector of innocence. He practices both the law and the execution. The show was fun, rather smart, and classy. I was a good time.

Hope you liked this!



7 thoughts on “Daredevil Season 1 Review

  1. I really enjoyed Daredevil. I didn’t mind that the first season really just looks at how he became Daredevil with him really only earning the name and costume at the end. It felt sort of satisfying watching him become the persona rather than just being Daredevil from the start. The action is pretty good for a TV show and I really enjoyed the cast. This was one of the more enjoyable shows I have watched on Netflix so far.
    Thanks for sharing.

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      1. Yeah, the whole being lawyers thing kind of gets shuffled off very quickly which given it starts with them opening a law firm feels like they just didn’t know how to balance the plot threads and let the legal one go.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Part of me felt that the law firm he and Foggy made was just another tool for him to use rather than a dream made from two friends. I would’ve been okay if the final battle was a legal one instead of the beat down, showing Matt’s legal prowess as well as his fighting skills, which we saw a lot already.

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