Kimi no Na Wa Movie Review

“Dreams fade, but always treasure the memories”

Also known as Your Name is an anime movie based on the novel of the same name. Both the novel and the movie were written/ directed by Shinkai Makoto, the person behind 5cm per Second as well as Garden of Words. It was animated by CoMix Wave Films. The film originally was released in Japan August of 2016, but it was just recently released here in the States.

This will be a brief one as I don’t want to spoil anything.



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Miyamizu Mitsuha a country girl. She dreams of the day she can move to Tokyo and live in the big city. She is daughter of the mayor as well as a miko, a shrine maiden, so she has a lot of responsibities on her shoulders.


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Tachibana Taki is a Tokyo city boy. He is an aspiring architect. Being a teenage boy, he don’t know how to talk to his crush or be gentle with others. He is confident and at times reckless.



Mitsuha is a country girl who hates the fact that she is a country girl. To boot, her father is a mayor and her grandmother runs the shrine, making her a very public figure, which she hates. So one day, after a ceremony she yells she could be a handsome city boy in Tokyo, the exact opposite of her, well except being good looking part. Then magic begins.

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Mitsuha and city boy Taki begin to switch souls with each other at random intervals. When they wake up, the switch happens, and the two start experiencing each others’ lives, Mitsuha being a rather


the Bad

Honestly, there is not too much I found bad about this movie. Sure, there is the usual thing when it comes to romance movies like the two protagonists yelling their names to each other constantly, and that happens here too. To be fair though, the movie is called “Your Name” so… name is kind of important.

I wish there was a hind of what triggers the event of this movie, what causes the switch. It is mentioned real briefly that Mitsuha is not the first person to ever do this, but that is about it. Couple of people seem to catch on… but that is it. Reminded me of Groundhogs Day in how there was no explanation.


the Good

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Where do I start. Obviously, the animation is beautiful. The people behind this has never disappointed me in terms of visuals and animation. And speaking of which, some of the animations here are top notch.


Image result for kimi no na wa  cute

I thought I knew where the movie was going, a cute romcom about a boy and a girl that switches bodies, but where it led me was something deeper, something scarier, and something more beautiful.


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The movie was genuinely funny. Obviously being in someone else’s body leads to awkward moments, like should I check out these new set of boobs, should I grad this penis, how do I go to the bathroom. It was great.


Image result for kimi no na wa taki

Attention to details was great here. When Mitsuha was in Taki’s body, Taki’s body’s body language completely changes. Mitsuha-in-Taki fiddles with the hair, adds emojis in texts, uses feminine pronouns instead of male ones, and the walking is a lot more feminine. Same goes for Taki-in-Mitsuha, the walking is rougher, hair is messier, and the speech is more masculine.



  • Will I see it again? Yes, I had a wonderful time with movie, and I can’t to experience again, but on my touch.
  • Do I recommend it? Yes, this was a great movie in every sense of the word: great animation, fantastic visuals great characters, and heart gripping story.


Final Thoughts

I actually went into the theater with somewhat of an expectation, not low like most movies, but not through the roof like how I was with Logan, and I was so happy with what I got. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.



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